During the last 30 years, there have been many video productions which could be purchased by offshore radio supporters. I have collected lots of them and was often disappointed by the low quality of the sixth copy of the fifth copy of some footage that had become well known over the many years... Some weeks ago I was pleased to receive the first five issues of a new DVD series that has been produced by Offshore Echo's Magazine in France. I must admit I am excited! Francois Lhote, Chris Edwards and Bill Rollins have produced five excellent videos which are in my view the ultimate collection of video footage, sounds, pictures and tunes originating from the offshore radio stations. Concentrating on the sixties these DVDs show material from the Scandinavian, Dutch and British stations that were broadcasting from the High Seas. They contain very rare footage which I had never seen before (and be assured I have got quite a big collection). The sound and video quality is excellent and I couldn't stop watching these DVDs. They are a must for all enthousiasts and will become a sort of a new multimedia encyclopedia. These DVDs really show what it was all about! They give a complete and very comprehensive overview on the offshore radio stations of the sixties. The price might seem expensive but keep in mind the amount of work that was put into this valuable product. You can definetely look forward to the follow-up DVDs of this series which are to be published in the months and years to come, as I know that Francois has been busily concentrating on producing the editions of the seventies and eighties...

Additionally I can recommend a new DVD released by OEM that features the Radio Mi Amigo Reunion in Calais on March 27th 2004. Deejays Norbert, Will van der Steen, Peter Van Dam and Bert Bennett recall the heydays of this exciting offshore radio station. This 102 minute video contains many rare footage of the MV Mi Amigo in the seventies and brings back many memories.


For many offshore radio enthusiasts Radio Nordsee International (RNI) was the most colourful and exciting one. Its history from 1970 to 1974 was full of drama and saw the jamming by the GPO, the hijack-attack by Kees Manders and the fire bomb attack paid for by Radio Veronica. By means of its short wave transmitter the station reached a wider audience than its rivals and got listeners from all over “Young Europe” and especially the eastern European countries.

Having seen the beautiful footage of the first five DVDs called “The Offshore Radio Years”, I was eagerly waiting for the RNI-DVD, which is number 6 in the series and has now been released by Offshore Echo’s. Once again Francois Lhote, Chris Edwards and Bill Rollins have done a marvellous job. They have compiled 105 minutes of entertaining video footage along with off-air recordings, jingles, tunes and pictures. Some of the material has not been seen before on any other product. IThe DVD even contains pictures and footage from the previous RNI project planned on the MV Galaxy in 1968 and the Mebo II leaving the Netherlands and heading to Libya in 1977. The video has been produced in a very professional manner using all modern techniques. The result is absolutely convincing, with perfect pictures, video footage of the best available quality plus excellent sounds originating from many studio and FM recordings. In my opinion Francois Lhote should be awarded the first ever Offshore Radio Oscar for his production work. This new DVD is a must for all offshore and most of all RNI fans! [
Dr. Martin van der Ven from The Offshore Radio Guide]


"The Offshore Radio Years, Vol. 7" is a brandnew DVD released by Offshore Echo's Magazine which features Capital Radio, Radio Free America and Radio Atlantis. Once again Francois Lhote, Chris Edwards and Bill Rollins have compiled a superb mixture of impressive video footage, amazing pictures, adequate tunes and high quality off-air recordings. You will be amazed to see exclusive footage of the MV King David broadcasting off the Dutch coast in 1970 and having been washed ashore after losing her anchor. See Reverend Carl McIntire sitting in front of the microphone on the MV Columbus and be astonished to watch Steve England's Radio Atlantis movie. You'll be surprised by the excellent quality.

"The Offshore Radio Years, Vol. 8" tells us the story of Radio Caroline from March 1968 until August 1974. There are countless beautiful colour shots of the MV Mi Amigo, but most of all you'll be fascinated by the exclusive video footage. You can see impressive footage of the mutiny onboard the Mi Amigo in December 1972 and watch several masts having fallen down into the North Sea and being erected (again). And there are all the long-haired hippiesque deejays of Radio Seagull and Radio Caroline welcoming their fans onboard the different sightseeing vessels. This DVD is another "must" for the offshore radio enthusiast. 

[Dr. Martin van der Ven from The Offshore Radio Guide]


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