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Offshore stations on the radio dial





Annual Radio Day in Erkrath

[Tuesday January 4th 2022]
The Offshore Radio Cinema  [Monday December 20th 2021]
flickr "The Offshore Radio Archive"  [Friday December 10th 2021]
Freewave Nostalgie
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[Wednesday October 6th 2021]
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[Saturday December 11th 2021]
Hans Knot's International Radio Report
  [Wednesday October 13th 2021]
Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull
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Missing Offshore Radio Tunes
German Caroline
The Broadcasting Fleet
Israeli Offshore Radio
Radio Veronica Revival
Wim van Egmond
Offshore '98

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CHRIS MOORE (1940-2021)

A tribute by Offshore Echo's Magazine




The Caroline Showband (EN)

Die Caroline Showband (DE)



 Offshore Radio Library



Jürgen Steinhoffs Seesender-Erinnerungen
© Radio Journal


Pop Stars 'Aboard'


The SS Malolo and Captain Dobbsie
How an early offshore radio station ended up in Hawaii in 1931
by Jan van Heeren




In memoriam A.J. Beirens

*1947  †26th June 2020


Obitary by Hans Knot

Obitary by Offshore Echo's Magazine

Obituray by RadioVisie

Heyst Leeft te gast bij... A.J. Beirens

Gemeentebestuur Knokke-Heist

Getting High on Radio - A.J. Beirens' Blogspot

Interview Jack Derijker met A.J.

Interview Hugo Meulenbroek (Jan Parent) met A.J.

RNI NSGDX - 31-08-1974 - AJ Beirens - 0900-1100h - Studio

A.J. singing in 1979 (Caroline 319)


Ronan O'Rahilly
*21st May 1940  †20th April 2020

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32 Reuters 'Offshore Radio' Video Clips
British Pathé presenting Reuters' historical collection.
Make sure to click on the "full screen" button when watching.







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"The reason for true ship based, and of course fort based, offshore radio has always been that it is free of governmental control and interference." (Chris Edwards in Offshore Echo's Magazine Issue 98)

"Als de autoriteiten tegen iets zijn begint het bij mij te kriebelen." (Gerard van Dam, Radio Day 2012)

John Lennon on "offshore radio" (mp3-file, 65 kB)

"I can't understand the Government's attitude over the pirates. Why don't they make the BBC illegal as well - it doesn't give the public the service it wants, otherwise the pirates wouldn't be here to fill the gap. The Government makes me sick. This is becoming a Police State. They should leave the pirates alone. At least they've had a go, which is more than the BBC has done..." [George Harrison in an interview with Ray Coleman in Disc (August 6th, 1966).]



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