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Antennas (48227 Byte)

Partial view of the antennas


DJs and technicians (65438 Byte)

DJs and technicians relaxing on deck


Longwave antenna (73237 Byte)

Finetuning and connecting of the longwave antenna


Shortwave antenna (86108 Byte)

Jens Martin tuning the shortwave antenna


Mediumwave transmitter (81777 Byte)

Helmut Peters and Chris Ise adjusting the mediumwave transmitter


Ron Visser

Ron Visser


Jolly Roger (44921 Byte)

Flying the Jolly Roger


Studio (70684 Byte)

Stephan Walter Koenig, Alex Pascall and Stephen Young in the studio below the deck


Live (42325 Byte)

Frank reporting live from the deck (Captain Macintosh to the left)


Participants (66588 Byte)

All participants of OFFSHORE 98 (except Frank who took the photo)





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If you´re interested in even more pictures, why not write to the following address for a sample copy of the German RADIO NEWS. The next issue which will be out in a few weeks time and costs 10 German Marks including postage and package. It will become a double issue.

Write to Radio News, P.O. Box 2209, D–77612 Offenburg, Germany

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