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Radio Veronica


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The Norderney in July 1973

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DAF generators

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12 o'clock news

jb006s.jpg (6859 Byte)

Technician Ruud Doets

jb007s.jpg (7531 Byte)

Ruud Doets' cabin

jb008s.jpg (6362 Byte)

Studio from deck hatch

jb009s.jpg (5801 Byte)

June 1973 - VOO taking footage for the opening program

jb010s.jpg (4831 Byte)

Smooth sailing

jb011s.jpg (5453 Byte)

Bull Verwey and crew on board

jb012s.jpg (6609 Byte)

Ad Bouman in the Hiversum studio in 1973

jb013s.jpg (5992 Byte)

Frans van der Beek

jb014s.jpg (6001 Byte)

Entrance Utrechtseweg 16

jb015s.jpg (6622 Byte)

Juul Geleick, Harry, Chiel Montagne

jb016s.jpg (7449 Byte)

Technician Nol Vis

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jb018s.jpg (7625 Byte)

Veronica demonstration in The Hague in april 1973 - Jelle as avid Veronica supporter

jb019s.jpg (6316 Byte)

31st August 1974 - Veronica at 18.00 h - exact moment of closedown

jb020s.jpg (3560 Byte)

Two minutes past six...

jb021s.jpg (3771 Byte)

Ten minutes later...

jb022s.jpg (8366 Byte)

1975 - Bull photographes equipment being hoisted out

jb023s.jpg (8031 Byte)

The VOO studio in 1976

jb024s.jpg (7621 Byte)

The Norderney studio partly robbed in 1976

jb025s.jpg (8443 Byte)

Another view from 1976

jb026s.jpg (8014 Byte)

Bull Verweij - interview in 1976

jb027s.jpg (7293 Byte)

Bull Verweij 1994 in Emden with Borkum Riff sister ship

  jb028s.jpg (6794 Byte)

Bull Verweij with a captain's look on the Emden lightship



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