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Sunday September 1st 2002

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Hans Knot reporting from the Dutch radio scene:

August 31st - a day never to forget, also not after 28 years. On this day we made a beautiful trip to the Northsea, on which I will report further on in my monthly 'thing'. 

As usual news from Offshore Radio Past and Present and news from radio in the Netherlands. As this was a fantastic summer month and I had duties outside the Netherlands there is not too much to report on the last topic. So the only thing to mention is that tomorrow the last broadcast of 'Achter de coulissen' (behind the curtains) will be broadcast by TROS Radio on Radio 2. This program about artists and producers within the Theatre World was on air on a weekly basis for 28 years in a row and was once the brainchild of Jan Kok, who was also presenter for the first 25 years. In the program many people made their first appearance on the radio and became big stars later on. Again a good program has to disappear in Holland from the radio.

On the site of RTE, the Irish State Broadcasting Company, we found that the main part (80%) of the shares from the TARA project (read former Atlantic 252 and Teamtalk) are now in hands of de RTE and bought from ukbetting. This means that rumors spread around that Spangles Muldoon aka Chris Cary would by the station for a restart of NOVA, are indeed rumors. Let's see what Cary, who did also a nasty criticizing on Chris and Mary Payne in an on line news group earlier this month, has in his fantasy hed next time.

And now offshore radio past and present
August the 6th we received an e mail from Roger Day in which he told going on holiday to Portugal but also that he decided to leave the Fusion Radio Group as program director. 'The last two years were very heavy but also very nice to have taken part in it. If I look back the situation, in which the three stations are at the moment, we can assure you that they in a much healthier situation than at the time we bought them. Also I think the will come very soon at a healthy point. And when I should start a new radio station there would surely some of the people working for Fusion to take with me.' Roger will soon announce what his next step in the radio world will be.

August the 9th is the day Graham Gill reported us that he will not be heard anymore on Radio Caroline. For one-hour program he mostly was two days underway. First going to North Holland collecting records, sleeping there. Next they to Harlingen recording one hour and than back to Amsterdam. Graham, 67 years now, thinks this is too hard for him. Also in the six months Graham worked there he only got two e-mails. When he was on Caroline satellite earlier this year, together with Tony Allan, he got around 50 emails and loads of calls only for two hours of programming.

During a nice diner Graham also told us about his experiences when he's over in Australia, his native country. He went back a few times and always was invited by the radio station; he once worked for in the fifties and sixties, to do a program again. Graham: 'The only problem nowadays is that my listeners from those days have mostly a new address, which is the local cemetery.' But now, on the end of August, our best wishes are going to Graham Gill, who had an accident last week. He slipped away on a street and was taken to hospital were it seemed that his both knees were wounded. He now walks on sticks. When you want to sent him best wishes please e mail them to and I will forward them by snail.

August 12th. While back in London for a few days I was also listening to the morning shows on BBC Radio 2 and heard Johnny Walker standing in on the breakfast show for Terry Wogan, who is away for a few weeks. In my ears it would be a good thing to have Johnny there fulltime on weekdays.

Former Caroline deejay Keith Francis has reoriented him and can now be heard on Bridge FM on 102.1 FM in Budapest Hungaria. He presents a program in the evening on weekdays.

One of the many quests on the private party of Mary and Chris Payne last week was Mike Luvzitt. Seeing him was like seeing the twin brother of Eric Wiltshire. Well Luvzitt is touring around in Great Britain and Ireland, accompanied by Kenny Tosh. Two of the stations they visited were Manx Radio and City Beat in Belfast. Well Kenny remember I sent you tapes years ago, where is the little thing in return??

Oh where is the real history, I do ask myself. Well today I read an interview with Bert van der Kamp - who is editor for OOR magazine for thirty years. He totally retells the story about who made Radio London famous from the starting day. He even knows the guy and met him several times. Yes friends this. Himself calling the best pop journalist of Holland, thinks John Peel was there from the beginning on 266. Well Mr. Ravenscroft was in the USA at that time and only started on Radio London in 1967, the year London closed down.

14.8 On many radio station attention was paid today to the fact it was on this day in 1967 many British Offshore radio stations left the airways as a the next day the MOB became law. On Blast 1386 AM the breakfast show saw John Ashton and Tom Collins reminiscing. On BFBS 2 it was Dave Windsor who did a very good oldies show remembering the offshore stations, a programme which was transmitted worldwide.

18.8 Some deejays from Radio Caroline got together today for the Walk the Plank Contest. Even Dave Forster fell in the water near the Ross Revenge. The contest is a yearly thing organized by the Monster Looney Party and all the money, which is coming in, is for charity.

About a month World Space has a test tape of Radio Caroline. Well during a trip to London we informed with several special shops to buy such a radio. Never heard of was the answer. Nowhere I saw promotion for Caroline on posters. And believe it or not 50 people have taken a subscription for Caroline when it's on air 24 hours a day on World Space. Later in this month a few newspaper articles appeared in which Moore was interviewed. In one of them no mention of World Space, no mention of the fact Caroline is still on satellite. Only that the station will be back soon on a sophisticated way. Well tune in to 259,199,319, 558 or??? Moore needs a publicity manager who asked the newspapers to show the article before it's published.

Also today on Caroline a really good program of Mark Stafford who did recall the MOA with nice records and air checks. Two days later, on the 20th, Mike Hayes could be heard on Radio Caroline Holland. From today every Tuesday Mike, who now lives in Holland and hadn't made radio since 35 years, can be heard between 16 and 19 hrs.

From Monday September 2nd Peter van Dam will be back on the radio on weekdays. This will happen on Radio Royaal in Hamont Achel in Belgium. He will present the breakfast show. He started his career on Radio 199 as Peter Brian way back in 1972. Other offshore stations he worked for were Atlantis, Caroline and Mi Amigo.

26.8 Start of the week of the offshore radio stations on Radio 192. Due to the fact the Download group and Hans Knot offered the station a lot of nostalgic recordings for this special event some very exclusive old radio programs could be heard on the station. Also former deejays from offshore days were quest to do it once more again. Today is was Joost den Draayer who asked himself why the hell we do remember it after 28 years!

While typing the report I'm listening to Hans ten Hooge and his Driemaster. Well Hans, well done again. You still can do it with also thanks to Pieter Damave for the technical part. Good to see you back this month. But there where more quest programs during the week. Later, on the last day, we went out to the harbor of Scheveningen to get on board the Marina ship, which was hired by Radio 192 to get back to see to transmit a nostalgic day of memories with presenters from the past, guest from the past as well as anoraks. A choppy sea but all nice people to meet again. 

Well a rundown of some of the people from past and present in offshore world which we met today: Chris Visser, Harm Koenders, Dick Offringa (ja), Marc van Amstel, Hans Hogendoorn, Dick Verheul, Marc Jacobs, Carl de Jong (Teekamp), Ferry Maat, Pieter Damave, Ad Bouman, Rob Olthof, Johan Visser, Michael Bakker, Kees Borrell, Chiel Montagne, Will Luikinga, Wim van de Water, Jan van Heeren, Hans Koopman (worked to sell airtime on Radio Noordzee), Jean Luc Bostyn and friends from Flandres, Bart van Leeuwen,
Martin van der Ven and last but not least and always sympathic Edo Peters. 

Also the oldies cd, which we reviewed earlier on this side, got his premier on the radio as well as many former deejays sweeping away bottles in the North sea in which were letters for people to get a free copy of the Radio 192 CD. All in all a beautiful month to remember the good old days and to see back some very good old friends. Only one big question remains: Where was Juultje Geleick???

And as always don't forget to visit our site on a regular base. New articles can be found almost weekly

With nice greetings from Groningen in Holland, we'll meet again next month

Hans Knot

Beste vrienden

Rob Olthof heeft me gevraagd jullie te informeren over zijn onbereikbaarheid. Sinds enkele weken heeft hij een ernstige virus op zijn computer waardoor hij niet in staat is zijn financiele administratie als wel zijn besteladminstratie compleet af te werken. Mensen die via e mail bestellingen bij hem hebben gedaan moeten dus geduld hebben. Pas in de vierde week van september kan verwacht worden dat de problemen zijn opgelost. Mocht U toch dringende vragen hebben aan hem, doe dit dan via mij. Ik heb dagelijks kontakt met hem.


Wednesday August 28th 2002

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Tuesday August 20th 2002

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Eric Wiltsher reporting:

Click here for the RADIO FESTVIAL 2002 Schedule

RADIO FESTIVAL 2002 is compiled in London and then broadcast via the facilities of Tourist Radio Riga on 5935 kHz in the short wave band.


Sunday August 18th 2002

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David Williams reporting:

There was much speculation last weekend about some absent friends, one name that was constantly mentioned was Jim Murphy. Nobody had heard anything from Jim for at least two years although he had been in contact with several of us in 1998.

I made a brief search this morning and uncovered the linked information. Sadly, it would appear that Jim died in June 2000. No further information is available, but I know when I talked to him in 1998 that he was incapacitated with some long standing illness contracted when serving in Vietnam.

You probably remember Jim. He was an eccentric (who else can claim a world record for sitting on top of a pole) and I have fond memories of him and particularly remember being fog bound at Blackpool airport while trying to get back to the IOM for Mick's wedding (we made it with minutes to spare).

Visit Jim's website


Friday August 16th 2002

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TTS-mediapro reporting:


In a special breakfast show on August 14th to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act, John Ashton and Tom Collins guested on the Blast 1386 AM breakfast show hosted by Bobby Gee and Mel Bloor.

Between 8 and 10am listeners heard the full story of the pirate stations and their contribution to the history of British broadcasting from John and Tom plus lots of offshore jingles from John's collection and classic music from The Summer of Love. In the last hour of the show listeners phoned in with their contributions.

Towards the end of the show co-presenter Mel Bloor, age 23, made a statement to the listeners and here is the transcript in full:

"Even after studying a degree in radio broadcasting, I had no idea about the fascinating and quite remarkable history of radio and how it has evolved in to what we too frequently take for granted today.

Had it not been for the perseverance and dedication of those people from way back when, we would not have the exemplary and diverse range of stations that we do today.

Pirate radio stations (or off-shore broadcasters - the debate continues!) in the 1960's must be acknowledged for setting a precedence of which the generation of today, including myself, can only aspire to."

John and Tom would like to thank Bobby Gee (who is manager of Blast 1386) for giving them the opportunity to tell the story to the younger generation of listeners.



Thursday August 15th 2002

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TTS-mediapro reporting:


Former 60s 'Big L' road show DJ and local radio presenter Mike Quinn ( has presented a two hour special on Blast 1386 AM last Tuesday 13th August.

The show featured material from his extensive collection of music and he reminisced about one of his favourite former colleagues, Kenny Everett, telling anecdotes which have never been heard in public before. The show also featured excerpts from his classic interview with Gus Dudgeon, who produced Elton John amongst many others.

Blast 1386 from Reading College can be heard in Reading on AM radio and around the world via the web. Go to and click on the LISTEN button by the station logo at the top of the home page. Blast is on the air 24/7. For more information on Blast 1386 AM go to


Wednesday August 14th 2002

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Eric Wiltsher reporting:


Riga/London 14 August 2002 - The RADIO FESTIVAL 2002 is pleased to announce the opening programme of the event taking place 24 and 25 August 2002.

The first show to be aired on 5935 will be the return to international airwaves, after 20 years, of STEVE MASTERS who was last heard broadcasting on Laser 558 via the MV Communicator.

Now based in Washington, Steve commented, "After 20 years, WOW, this is a real buzz.
"What you guys are doing is in the exact same spirit we had on the Communicator, a love of free radio with real jocks doing their thing.
"It's a real privilege to be opening the Radio Festival 2002, it's almost like a time warp of when I first went on air on the Communicator - thanks guys".

Eric Wiltsher, executive producer of RadFest 2002, added, "It's a real coup to get Steve back on the radio after 20 years. "What's more we didn't have to twist his arm that hard, well maybe a little bit. "It's been a real pleasure having Steve involved in the project and his attention to even the smallest detail is what makes him stand out as a true professional, let's hope we hear more of him on the radio shortly".

RADIO FESTIAL 2002 will air on 24 and 25 August via the 5935 short wave transmitter based in Riga, Latvia. RADIO FESTVAL 
2002 is being hosted by TOURIST RADIO RIGA.


Thursday August 8th 2002

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Eric Wiltsher reporting:

RADIO FESTIVAL 2002 announced

Riga/London, 8 August 2002: Tourist Radio Riga in association with Davric Productions is pleased to announce that RADIO FESTIVAL 2002 will air on 24 and 25 August 2002.

The 2002 RADIO FESTIVAL, schedule to be advised, will combine an eclectic mix of music and speech from a number of European areas and cultures.

Raimonds Kreibergs, Chief Executive of Tourist Radio Riga, said, "We are so pleased to be hosting this years RADIO FESTIVAL with our friends at Davric Productions acting as Executive Producers of the event. "With much of the radio and TV industry still suffering and remaining in the doldrums we felt that a RADIO FESTIVAL could be a key factor in injecting some excitement into our industry. "It will also demonstrate that huge audiences are still interested in short wave broadcasting, whilst many are keen to suggest that short wave has no future when it clearly does".

Eric Wiltsher, Davric Productions, added, "It is a great honour for us to be asked to produce the programming and schedule for RADIO FESTIVAL 2002. "Whilst the line-up is still to be concluded, there are already some great surprises in store for those tuning into the festival. "And endorsing the views of Raimonds Kreibergs, I know short wave will bring us a significant audience - it's going to be great fun!".

RADIO FESTIVAL 2002 will be compiled in London and then broadcast via the facilities of Tourist Radio Riga on 5.935 in the short wave band.


Monday August 5th 2002

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Paul Rusling reporting:

Court backlog causes further delays

The Isle of Man's long wave radio project received a huge setback on Friday 2nd August in the High Court when a request for judicial review was further adjourned to a hearing in January 2003. The request is in the form of a Petition of Doleance being brought by Bride Commissioners (a local parish council) who are objecting to the Isle of Man Government's decision to allow the radio station to build an offshore transmission platform. The hearing might take three days and the first opportunity for this would be next January.

Until the legal process is completed, the transmission facility cannot be built, even though the company is not the defendant in the case. The petitioners are asking the court to order the Isle of Man Government's Department of Transport to look again at the case and hold a Public Inquiry. The officials have refused as the relevant legislation only provides for an inquiry where there may be a danger to navigation.

"We are both astonished and bitterly disappointed that after so many delays due to circumstances beyond our control, the project should again be delayed by a simple request for a judicial review," said project founder Paul Rusling. "We hope that a more rapid solution can be found." he continued. "There is still considerable interest in the station and in Long Wave generally, with several established media operators keen to become involved."

IMIB was formed in the mid 1990s to establish an international radio station on the Island, covering the UK, Ireland and other European countries.

It was awarded a provisional licence at Easter 1999, conditional upon obtaining any necessary planning consents for its facilities. In September 2000 a Special Inquiry was held into the proposal to build a 27 metre high antenna at Cranstal near the Point of Ayre. The Planning Inspector rejected the proposals on just two grounds - that it breached the 1982 Structure Plan, which prohibits development near the coast, and that it could be visually intrusive.

Last year IMIB obtained approval in principle from the Department of Transport for a transmission facility to be built several miles offshore, to avoid resident's concerns. Local objectors have turned their attentions to the Department of Transport, and are seeking to have the planning approval for the platform overturned or referred to a Public Inquiry.

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Peter Vrakking reporting:

Voor mijn vakantie (7 juli 2002) kwam ik langs de Oostvaarderdijk en ik heb even wat foto's genomen van de Communicator. Ik hoop dat alleen maar de verf is die slecht is en niet het schip. De tweede foto van de looplank isook niet echt bemoedigend.

Meer aktuele foto's staan op de MediaPages pagina.


Friday August 2nd 2002

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Hans Knot reporting on the Dutch radio scene:

Hij begon zijn carrière bij... Radio Uilenspiegel in 1962!

Jos Janssens overleden

In het TV1-journaal werd gemeld dat journalist Jos Janssens gestorven is. De 65-jarige ex-presentator van het BRT-journaal overleed in een Antwerps ziekenhuis. Na zijn presentatiecarrière bij het Journaal werd hij hoofd van de maatschappelijke programma's op de radio. Zo'n 10 jaar geleden stapte hij over naar de privé-sector.

met dank aan Jean-Luc

Dear friends,

Well a month has gone again and we're now in the Anorak month August.

First of all there maybe some problems within the forthcoming weeks to get in contact with my normal e-mail adres The reason is that we will be getting a new computer. So if you do not succeed to get a quick answer please use the other e-mail address

Then the news from the last month. Next to the sad news of Howard G Rose, on which I wrote already in an extra newsflash earlier in July, some other radio people have passed away. First I want to mention the death of Joop Verhoof as a result of cancer. Joop worked for Radio Caroline's Dutch Service, followed by Radio Atlantis and Radio Mi Amigo, which were all offshore radio stations. Even when the Dutch brought in an anti offshore radio law, Joop decided to stay with the station and recorded his program in Spain. In 1976 he decided to go back to Holland. Next to regional radio he started his own video company. The third person who passed away was Kenny Page. He started his radio career on Radio Clyde in 1974, an ILR station in Scotland. In 1976 he went to international waters to work for Radio Caroline on the MV Mi Amigo. Next year he went down south to Israel and again the international waters was his aim. Working for Abe Nathan's Voice of Peace was his dream. He worked there for two long periods to come back to Scotland in the early eighties. During the last years he was very popular with a variety of programs on Radio Tay.

And then other news in the section 'Offshore Radio Past and Present'. Nearer than the place where once the Dutch Offshore stations were anchored isn't possible when we talk about the location of the Sunday afternoon program on
Radio 192 called Sangria. It's recorded every Saturday morning to be transmitted on Sunday afternoon, the same spot were Radio Veronica did this program in the Seventies. It's recorded at the Beach Company. Not only old Veronica deejays present this program during the summer months but also attention is paid to the importance of the pop music in the Hague. The program lasts for three hours a week. Today I've signed a contract with the station Radio 192 so they can use, for only one time, exclusive recordings from the Freewave radio archive free of charge for the 'Week van de zeezenders' (Week of Offshore Radio), which will be held in the last week of August. Ad Bouman will take a selection out of my archive to be used in the programs of the station during that week. As I'm off to Germany in the last week of this month for a short holiday, I shall personally not be heard on any radio station with memories to offshore radio. And I must say this is years and years ago.

On Saturday July 6th and 13th there was also attention to the Belgian radio and music scene on Radio 192, including an interview with the most loved deejay for Radio Mi Amigo in the seventies (Mark Jacobs). 

Also, after last month's long list of '
nick names of former offshore deejays' we got some updates including the ones remembered by Steve Young and Tom Lodge: Caroline North: Gordon 'The Cruiser' Cruse, Mick 'The Micker' Luvzit. On Caroline South 'Your deejay' Mike Ahearn, Rick 'The Great Dane' Dane, Mark 'The Big Toe' Sloane, Dave 'DLT' Travis en 'Dave 'The Weird Beard' Travis. But also Larry Tremaine informed me that I did forget him 'The geeter with the heater' Tremaine, 'the boss with the hot sauce'. Tom Lodge mentioned "Big' Jim 'Murph the Surf' Murphy and Alan 'Neddy' Turner was also a nicky. And Jan van Heeren, who came with the Tom Lodge updates mentioned also David 'Screaming Lord' Sutch. If you remember more, please don't forget to mention them. I still wonder why Paul Rusling didn't sent a mail as he surely was called  Young Paul Alexander in 1973 when he entered international waters. It just suddenly springs into my mind.

Then a mail came in from Willem Dekker, former employee from Radio Veronica during their days on land. He is now co-owner of a radio station in the Caribbean on the Isles of Curaçao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius. It can be received there on FM 97.5. Well the station has started on July 21st under the name
Radio Dolfijn, like one of the offshore stations that broadcast from the MV Laissez Faire in 1966. Dekker wanted some interviews with former Dolfijn deejays on the starting day. A pity that he was wrong with the fact that on July 21st Dolfijn did stop programming. He meant of course Radio 227, the follow up station to Dolfijn.

Everyone knows by now that
Radio Caroline is testing on World Space satellite and that listeners soon have to pay a monthly amount of money for Free Radio, that what Caroline always predicted to be. So on that subject nothing from me. What I wanted to mention is that the company with the best receiver for this transmission is Hitachi. Well the Dutch import company knows nothing about this special receivers and has nothing in stock. And so Caroline has a lesser change to get the millions of listeners they still want. Oh yes, I forgot the enormous blunder which was in the World Space and Caroline press report: It was mentioned that Radio Caroline was first anchored in the Irish Sea!! Well Mr Moore where have your memories gone. Of course it was off the East Coast of England, near Harwich.

I heard last week from inside people that there is a big change Radio Caroline Holland will be dropped from the cable networks of Essent next year in favour of Radio 192. Reason should be that there are too much English language programs on the Dutch service. A pity for I do like Sietse's station but would also like to see Radio 192 on cable in the North of Holland. 

A new book on the pop industry in New Zealand is out. Not at all interesting to the main reader of this monthly newsletter. However there was an interesting chapter about the fact that two deejays of the former Offshore Radio station
Radio Hauraki started in the sixties their own record company with labels 'Cindy' and 'Now'. Ross Goodwin and Rick Grant were keen enough to bring the local versions of international hits on their labels to earn a lot of money. Most of the songs were sung by The Cindy Singers and could be played only on 33 1/3 rpm. By the way, the book is called 'For the record'. 

Hello Everybody is the title of a Flemish weekly and during a couple of weeks former Radio Mi Amigo director
Sylvain Tack tells his story of his life. At one stage he remembers that Adriaan van Landschoot, former Atlantis director, was starting his own new radio ship. This after Tack had taken the airtime from Atlantis on Caroline's ship Mi Amigo. Well he tells in 2002 that he got an offer to blew the Atlantis ship with a bomb. Offer, following Tack words, was done by Tom van der Linden, who once put a bomb on the Mebo II , the former RNI ship. Well believe me that Tack was and is still a big dreamer and thumb sucker. He even told that Tom went to the Atlantis ship, broke the anchor chain and that would be the end of Atlantis in 1973. Strange enough I and many more people have the last hour of Radio Atlantis in their archive: 31. 8. 1974.

It also became known that this year's RSL program of
Radio Mi Amigo in Harwich form a former lightship will take place on a later stage. It will start on August 8th up till September 5th. 1503 kHz will be the frequency on low power but there will be an Internet connection to listen to.

On the 24th of last month Anglia TV paid attention to the forthcoming Mi Amigo RSL interviewing some of the people involved. But also good old Keith Skues was interviewed in the program called 'A date with Helen' about his career in Offshore Radio. 

The same date on 6777 kHz some people were chatting which each other on the plans to start a new offshore radio station of the coast of the USA in international waters, using short wave. Well indeed
Allan Weiner, once the man behind Radio New York international in the eighties, wants once again (I lost the counting) to start his own offshore station. First record to be played is by Perry Como and the Anita Kerr Singers: 'Dream a little dream'. 

Some time ago I mentioned that two ship were bought by some people with the idea to start on one of the ships a permanent base for RSL stations. Now it can be mentioned that both ships are up for sale. These are the
Grampian Princess and the Grampian Dawn, formerly the MV Linden Lea and the MV Ben Strome. They're up for sale in Ipswich harbour for an amount of 75.000 Pound each. It's rumoured that the owner wants to start a satellite radio station with a format Big L had in the sixties. Isn't it rare or Ray????

Nice was also to hear that on Yorin FM early in the morning Robert Jensen and Jan Zwart were memorizing their first day of meeting way back in 1987 in Scheveningen. It was one of the radio days organised by Rob Olthof and me on a yearly basis. Next year a quarter of a century!!

And then the rest of the news from behind the world famous Dutch dykes:

A lot of Dutch Internet radio stations have got a letter from the BUMA, the performing right society, in which is mentioned that the station can get a licence . When being officially licensed as web caster they have to mention how many listeners they have and if they have around 750 listeners they have to pay rights for a whole year, costing 56.350 Euro. There goes the yearly salary of the whole family in one bill.

Dutch government has to go to sell the frequencies for radio, as is decided by the court in Rotterdam. In this way new organisations can bid too. Before September 17th a date of the selling has to be mentioned. As a result of the decision from August 1st
Radio Nationaal is non stop playing music. Director and owner Ruud Hendriks had dismissed all deejays, including Bart van Leeuwen, Chiel Montagne and Carel van Kooten. It's so that the station is almost at the red side of the financial figures.

Finally the news came in that former Atlantic 252 will be soon Radio Nova. A new restart by
Chris Carey who did the best bid at UK betting, who bought the station a couple of weeks ago from Team Talk, the follow up to Atlantic. It seems that Chris (Spangles Muldoon on Caroline) wants to open studios at the Isle of Man and then there will be soon operating two long wave stations from the Isle of Man.

Well as told I will be going on holiday at the end of August so if you have on your station or you've heard on a station a special on the MOA or the Dutch stations in international waters, don't forget to mention it in a mail to me. I'm in Eastern Germany so there it can not be heard.

May I wish you all a fine summer month of August. This also for our new readers this month. 


Hans Knot


Wednesday July 31st 2002

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Radio Nationaal stopt gepresenteerde programma's

Bart van Leeuwen in de jaren 70 bij Radio VeronicaRadio Nationaal zal per 1 augustus volledig geautomatiseerd worden en uitsluitend non stop muziek uitzenden. Hiermee vervalt de werkgelegenheid voor negen medewerkers. Radio Nationaal zegt dat de oorzaak van de ontslagen het falende beleid van de overheid inzake de herverdeling van FM etherfrequenties is. Radio Nationaal was één van de grootste kanshebbers voor een FM pakket, aldus het station. Door het wegvallen van een FM toekomst moet er bezuinigd worden volgens Radio Nationaal.
Chiel Montagne in de jaren 70 bij Radio Veronica Eigenaar Ruud Hendriks: "Het is triest dat door inconsistent overheidsbeleid Radio Nationaal plotsklaps een onzekere toekomst tegemoet gaat. Zeker als gewaardeerde medewerkers en onze luisteraars daar de dupe van worden. Van een potentiële FM zender met goede vooruitzichten op een positieve omzetontwikkeling zijn we voorlopig veroordeeld tot een plaats in de wachtkamer."
Tot de mensen die vanaf 1 augustus niet meer bij Radio Nationaal te horen zijn bevinden zich ervaren radiomakers als Bart van Leeuwen, Chiel Montagne, Karel van Cooten, Imca Marina, Bob van Dam en René Verstraten.
Radio Nationaal is gestart op 5 mei 2000. Het station is in heel Nederland te ontvangen via de middengolfzender 1296 AM, via internet en ook op de kabel.


Tuesday July 30th 2002

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Dear All,

As I am sure you have heard by now, Paul Rusling has just announced the death of Kenny Page. Here is what he wrote to the Anoraks List:

Sorry to bring yet more very sad day news -

It has been reported on Tay AM & Tay FM today that former Caroline jock and VoP Programme Controller Kenny Page has died after a long term illness. At Radio Tay (as it was known then) Kenny's talent and personality shone out and he created quite a following. Listeners to his Rock show were often invited to meet him for a few beers (a bar called Foreigners invariably) after the show. A great guy!

To quote an extract from my daughter's book (Who's Who in British Radio 2002 *):

Kenny did some work in hospital radio in the city and pestered Andy Park (qv) for a job. His first programme was 'Ken's Korner' on Radio Clyde in January 1974, and two years later he joined Radio Caroline. The following year he set off for the sunnier Mediterranean, becoming Programme Controller on the Voice of Peace. 

He then returned to Scotland and Radio Tay in Dundee where he hosted lunchtime and evening programmes. While there he spent hours and hours in the ladies loo, hand washing over 2000 records the station had acquired. Kenny says that he learned a lot in that room, including "hands that wash records can feel soft as your face!" He 
also became Music Controller at Radio Tay.

Kenny was great fun and totally committed to radio. There must be a fantastic radio station up there somewhere.

Paul Rusling

* for availability see Special offer to celebrate Yorkshire Day - from August 1st, massive 70% discount - available for £10 plus P&P.

I remember kenny very well, and his special brand of humour that he adapted to the Israeli market. He always knew what was going on here, and he even spoke a bit of Hebrew on his shows! 

A great DJ, a true professional!

May he rest in peace



Saturday July 27th 2002

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It was warming to see such a wonderful turn out for Howard's funeral yesterday - I know he would have been so proud to have brought so many old friends together, from the whole gamut of the radio industry.

ILR, offshore and the BBC were all well represented, and by such major characters too; from Ronan O'Rahilly, to Paul Brown, the Chief Executive of the CRCA. Ron Coles of Saga, Nigel Reeve from Fusuion
and Robert Stiby from Capital and Radio Investments too, not to mention dozens of Howards former colleagues - including Tony Allen, Steve England and Carl Kingston. Roger Day read a superb eulogy
chronicling Howards periods afloat, while Colonel Colin Mason reminded us of Howard's ILR days at Swansea Sound.

I'm proud to say that Howard and I were fellow anoraks for over thirty years and I shall forever cherish those long hours we spent discussing radio. While he is totally irreplaceable, lets ensure his name is remembered in some form of memorial within the radio world.

Paul Rusling


Wednesday July 24th 2002

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As a tribute to Howard Rose there will be a MediaZoo tribute programme aired this coming Friday, extracts of the output can be found here

The transmission schedule is:

Programme starts 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (UK time) 13:00 - 15:23 UTC

Repeat from 22:00 - 00:23 (UK time) 21:00 - 23:23 UTC

Frequency 5935 kHz (100kw) Riga


Eric N Wiltsher

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Hans Knot reporting:

De enige juiste titel

Tijdens een bezoekje aan de studio van Radio 192 in het rustieke Hilversum drukte Michael Bakker mij een cd in de handen met daarbij de mededeling dat deze CD medio september in de winkel zal liggen. Een dubbellaar met de titel: 'The radio's on. 40 echte radiohits'. En inderdaad heeft men bij Radio 192, die de cd via Disky Records de muziekwinkels laat binnenglijden, ervoor gezorgd om 40 titels op te nemen die echte radiohits zijn, waarbij van het merendeel gesteld kan worden dat ze bijna nooit tot nooit meer op de radio worden gehoord. Bovendien is er voor gekozen om beslist te komen met de originele uitvoering en niet de heropgenomen versies, zoals zo vaak gebeurt op de hedendaagse verzamelcd's. 

Er zitten op de dubbel cd een aantal souveniers dat de superverzamelaar, zoals ikzelf, zeker in huis zal hebben maar die voor de gemiddelde verzamelaar een zomerse verassing zal zijn. Bij het aanhoren viel ik van de ene verbazing in de ander omdat de betreffende song dan eindelijk op cd uit is. Het gaat te ver om alle veertig tracks te noemen, maar ik heb gemeend er 15 te moeten noemen:

  1 Mr. Bojangles - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  2 Baby by the way - Fortunes
  3 Dandy - Herman Hermits
  4 The radio's on - Promises
  5 Obladi oblada - Bedrocks
  6 Love is in me - Hot Chocolate
  7 Crystal blue persuasion - Tommy James and the Shondells
  8 Man without a heart - Hollies
  9 Don't make my baby blue - Shadows
10 Elusive butterfly - Bob Lind
11 Wacky wacky - Blue Mink 
12 The good Mr Square - Pretty Things
13 Castles in the air - Don McLean
14 Thinking ain't for me - Paul Jones
15 Simon Dupree and the Big Sounds - Daytime, nighttime

Het laatste nummer is in mijn oren de absolute topper op deze dubbellaar. Vanaf half september in de winkel of te bestellen via SMC voor € 15,50 inclusief verzendkosten.

Hans Knot


Friday July 19th 2002

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Ton van Draanen schrijft:

Donderdagmorgen 18 juli 2002 is in Enschede de vroegere Mi Amigo discjockey Joop Verhoof overleden aan de gevolgen van kanker. 

Joop Verhoof werd op 6 juni 1946 in Amsterdam geboren. Hij begon in 1973 bij de zeezender Radio Caroline. Later werkte hij voor Radio Atlantis en Radio Mi Amigo. Na het stoppen van de zeezenders in 1974 bleef Joop [vanaf 1975 in Playa de Aro] tot december 1976 programma's maken voor Radio Mi Amigo. 

Aanstaande maandag wordt Joop Verhoof in Enschede begraven. 


Thursday July 18th 2002

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I'm very sad to have to report that my dear friend Howard Rose died yesterday in hospital after surgery. He was most recently founder and Editor of The RADIO Magazine, which became the leading news weekly for the UK radio industry.

Howard (aka Crispian St. John = Jay Jackson) began his broadcasting career with Radio NorthSea International (from the Mebo II) in 1971 and worked at Radio Caroline and Radio 199 (MV Mi Amigo), Atlantis (MV Janine), Voice of Peace (MV Peace), again Radio Caroline (MV Ross Revenge), Swansea Sound, Radio Aire, Viking, and many other stations. He was instrumental in launching Radio Sovereign, the UK's first all gold station.

Howard was 49 and leaves a wife, Patricia, and three children.

Paul Rusling

Howard's funeral will be held on Friday (26th July) at 2.15pm at the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, north Hamptonshire. The family have requested no flowers and donations to the lifeboat charity the RNLI.


Very difficult to express

During the more than 33 years that I'm writing about the medium radio it was never before so difficult to search for words by compiling a story than today, July 18th 2002. Yesterday evening, after an operation, Howard G Rose died at the age of 49 years after a heart attack. Most people in radio land knew Howard as deejay Crispian St. John or Jay Jackson. He was one of the very first British Anoraks who I knew after I started writing for Pirate Radio News in 1969. Very young, 16 years of age at that stage, Howard wanted to grab and eat everything which had to do with Pirate and Offshore Radio and so he did also read my magazine and got, on regular base, in contact with me. Of course he couldn't avoid to start his own station at that time but was doing illegal things in England working for a land based radio station. Although this was a very tiny little one, bigger stations would come soon reality for little Crispian. It was in 1971 that he, as a 18 year old guy, climbed onboard the MEBO II, the then radio ship of Radio Norht Sea International. There he became part of the international service which supplied us with the perfect sound of 'RNI, the Summer of 71'. Howard learnt a lot from his fellow deejays like Paul May, Martin Kayne and the guy who hired him at that time, Steve Merike. 

It was also on one of my visits to the Oude Boerenhofstede at Naarden, where the land based studio's of RNI were housed, where I met Crispian for the very first time. In 1971 he was dismissed by the station and recently he wrote a story of his dismissal in Soundscapes, the online journal for media and music culture at the University of Groningen. See spring edition under Volume 4 the article with the title 'Getting the sack' (

But it was not only RNI which took the interest of Howard. In 1972 he went to the station, where he tuned in to in the sixties: Radio Caroline. In March 1968 both Caroline vessels were towed away of the British Coast and went into Amsterdam harbour. After being there and in Zaandam harbour for many years, they were sold for scrap in order of the Wijsmuller Tender Company, to which Caroline had to pay still a lot of money. It was Gerard van der Zee who bought the MV Mi Amigo back for Ronan O'Rahilly so Radio Caroline could be on the air again soon. First they started as Radio 199 and being almost winter the station came in clearly and we especially enjoyed the Christmas programming in 1972, where Howard, aka Crispian, played a key role. It looked like that the station would as soon stop again as it restarted as the crew, which wasn't properly paid by the organization hijacked the ship and towed it into harbour again. With hard working of the deejays and volunteers the MV Mi Amigo was soon back on see and the most famous radio station on Earth was a rocking good way again from the only place Radio Caroline can be, the international waters.

It seemed Crispian was very restless and later, at the end of 1973, he wrote me that he would soon leave for Germany. There, in the harbour of Cuxhavn, a new radio ship would be fitted out under very hard conditions. Even one of the crewmembers died during the out fit of the MV Jeanine. The new ship would be used for Radio Atlantis, which had earlier hired transmission time from Radio Caroline. With their own ship, off the coast of Zeeland, they started also an international service and Crispian once again was part of a very good team including Steve England, Andy Anderson as well as Terry Davis.

In the Seventies Howard played a role within the Independent Radio, which started with LBC and Capital Radio in 1973 as the first commercial stations in Great Britain. He could be listened at stations like Swansea Sound and Viking Radio, but the sea still had a special feeling for Howard. It was Abe Nathan's Voice of Peace, a station in the Mediterranean, which was the next station to work for. Howard stayed for many years there. While doing my research for my book on the history on the Voice of Peace I interviewed a lot of people and every time Crispian was mentioned as a very good deejay and friend, although some told me that he sometimes could be very pigheaded and tried several times to get things his way. 

Then more 'Rocking on the Northsea' came for Howard under his nickname Jay Jackson, sometimes adding 'J' between his both names. Not only he was responsible for the newsroom from 1983 on board the MV Ross Revenge, the new Radio Caroline ship, also he made a lot of prestigious album music programs, we will never forget. The combination of the music he played, compared with his knowledge of the music, his beautiful voice made it all complete for listening with good pleasure. About his period on board the MV Ross Revenge Jay Jackson wrote a book called 'The Pirates Who Waive the Rules', a book who didn't get the publicity it was deserved. 

In the eighties Howard played an important role in co starting the very first golden oldie station in Britain, Radio Sovereign. It became headlines, not only in Britain but also in Western Europe. It was an illegal station and therefore it was one day forced to go off the air, but it returned later at the Riviera in France. In the years Howard made thousands of contacts within the radio industry and the would love, at one stage, to highlight the radio world from another corner. An own Radio Magazine was his idea. After a false start a second attempt was very successful and The Radio Magazine was born, now already more than 12 year ago. In between he was also one of the co owners of KCBC, a radio station in his home town Kettering. 

Howard, which whom I stayed in contact all those years, one time more than the other, asked me to write for the Radio Magazine for the news from the Benelux. He also wrote on regular base for the Freewave Media Magazine since the late seventies of last century. Just last week the message came in that Howard and Patricia, his wife, had sold The Radio Magazine and the Gold Crest Communications to a big publisher. It was stated that Howard would be staying as the key role man, but the new step in his career could not last for longer than a week. He died yesterday at the age of 49, leaving behind Patricia who he did marry last year, and three children. I hope they have the strength in the time to come to carry this heavy lost.

Hans Knot  

Like you all, I was also shocked to hear about the death of Howard Rose. I feel that now, I can tell you all of something that Howard wanted to do here off the coast of Israel. Howard was in contact me at the beginning of this year for a project he wanted to do here in the Middle East - he wanted to refloat the Voice Of Peace!

As always, he wanted all exchanges of e-mails to remain confidential, and I respected his wish of course. He explained to me in some detail how he wanted to start TWO stations - one off the coast of Israel, and the other, somewhere in Europe. But sometime in March, Howard stopped sending me his plans for the proposed new offshore stations, and did not bother to answer my e-mails anymore. As I have been involved in two projects before, I thought this was just another dreamer who wanted to refloat the VOP. We will now never know if Howard was serious in his intent to go ahead with this project or not. In fact, when I saw the pictures of the ships on Bob Leroi's site , I at first thought that these ships may of belonged to Howard. But when I saw the state of them, and the story behind them, I put this thought out of my mind .

What more can be said about the man that has not been already expressed. The man was dedicated to free radio, and showed this throughout his many posts on the offshore stations. Even now, when he was "legal and respectable" and editor and owner of the Radio Magazine until he sold it a few weeks ago, his heart was still in offshore radio. This says a lot for the man.

I send my condolences through this list to his wife and children. May he Rest In Peace.

Mike Brand

Howard Rose, aka Crispian St. John, aka Jay Jackson.

The last time I saw Howard Rose (or Chrispian St. John, as he was known then) was back in 1985. Chrispian once told me that he had cribbed his name, in part, from a singer called Chrispian St. Peters who had had a hit back in the 60's with "You were on my mind."

By 1985, Sovereign in the UK had finished and I was about to set off to the French and Italian Rivieras to set up Radio Sovereign International and I had pleaded with Howard to come with me to help set up the new station but Howard had his own plans (he wanted to set up a radio magazine) and he declined my offer. I had hoped to have met up with Howard again one day, alas, this will never happen now.

I had come to know Howard well through the early Sovereign days and somewhere, I have a photo of Howard, Paul McKenna and me which was taken by my girlfriend at Foxtrot Oscars', a restaurant in London. In the photo, taken in 1983, the three of us are seen plotting how to set up Radio Sovereign in the UK.

The things I remember about Howard (apart from his craggy face), were his radio talents. He had a brilliant radio style which I and many of the other jocks on Sovereign envied. His voice was also highly distinctive and reminded me of the old Radio London DJ style from which he probably emulated his. Nonetheless, Howard somehow integrated his own style into a unique blend of everything that was best about the 60's offshore pirate pop jocks.

Then there was his sheer professionalism. OK, he had many weaknesses, but when I chatted to him about radio, his sheer brilliance and knowledge of all things 'radio' was an inspiration to me and I learned much from this slightly eccentric radio man!

Howard really KNEW about radio and today's so called 'radio programmers' and 'planners' would have learned much from him. But then, I have always held the view that real radio pirates know more about radio than any of their modern day contempories.

I always remember Howard bellowing to other jocks "Give me a bang when you're ready, Shag", his way of asking for a cue or a wake up call. It went on to become a standard saying on Sovereign and every jock adopted the phrase when they needed a cue.

At one point, Howard used to do the breakfast show on Sovereign (the station was based at my home in Twickenham where Howard had commandered one of the bedrooms). He would often roll out of bed, switch on the mic and even though he was still half asleep, his voice would boom out over the air as if he had been up all night practising his opening link ... proof, if any were needed, that this guy lived and breathed radio.

On several occasions, Howard DIDN'T make it to the studio on time for his opening announcement. So he would cunningly start to play a record from about halfway through the song, then he'd back announce the record as if he had been there all along!

I challenged him about this once and accused him of being late on air ... he just smiled and said my radio receiver had probably not been tuned in correctly and that of course he had been in the studio on time. What could I say?!!

RIP Howard, if ever there was A Real Radio Salty Dog ... it was you.

John Kenning 20.7.02

Listen to Jay Jackson on Radio Caroline chatting with Johnny Lewis (recording from Easter Sunday 7th April 1985, 746 kB)

Woorden vallen weg

Gedurende mijn inmiddels 33 jaren durende periode, waarin ik over het medium radio schrijf, ben ik zelden zo op zoek naar woorden geweest als vandaag, 18 juli 2002. Gisteravond is, na een galblaasoperatie en een plotselinge hartstilstand, Howard Rose op 49-jarige leeftijd overleden. Howard, die de meeste mensen kenden als Crispian St. John en/of Jay Jackson, was één van de eerste Britse anoraks die ik persoonlijk leerde kennen. In de eind jaren zestig van de vorige eeuw was hij als 16-jarige al zeer nieuwsgierig naar alles wat met illegale radio te maken had. Vanaf dat moment ‘vrat’ hij de tijdschriften,waaronder The Pirate Radio News waar ikzelf voor schreef, en bovendien was hij zelf al enigszins aan land illegaal actief door mee te werken aan een station. In 1971 klom hij op zee aan boord van de MEBO II, het toenmalige zendschip van RNI,  als de jongste van het team dat ons in dat jaar plezierde met ‘The Summer of 71’. Een prachtig radiojaar, waarin Howard veel leerde van collega’s als Paul May, Martin Kayne en de man die hem destijds inhuurde, Steve Merikke.

Maar niet alleen RNI trok de interesse van Crispian St. John maar ook Radio Caroline. Getooid met een groots afrokapsel stapte hij over naar de MV Mi Amigo. Het zendschip van Radio Caroline dat geruime tijd aan de ketting had gelegen in Amsterdam en Zaandam en in 1972 in opdracht van de schuldeisers werd verkocht. Het was Gerard van Dam, die als stroman van Ronan O’Rahilly – de man die de organisatie ooit in 1974 oprichtte,  ervoor zorgde dat het schip weer op zee kwam voor de Nederlandse kust. Tijdens de start van de uitzendingen van Radio 199 was het Crispian St. John, die mede de testuitzendingen verzorgde en vooral zijn hoogtijdagen beleefde tijdens de Kerstdagen van 1972. Volop maakte hij vervolgens de problemen mee die er op zee konden ontstaan bij ontevredenheid van bemanningsleden die een zendschip willen kapen wegens het uitblijven van betalingen, waardoor de MV Mi Amigo weer binnengaats kwam. Vrij spoedig nadien werd het 1973 en keerde het zendschip weer terug op zee.

Crispian St John was er bij toen de MV Jeanine, het tweede zendschip van Radio Atlantis, in de haven van Cuxhavn in Duitsland werd uitgerust. Avonturen schuwde hij dus niet. In 1973 kwam men via de 270 meter terug, waarbij Radio Atlantis ook een internationale service had waar naast Crispian St John ondermeer Steve England en Andy Anderson een zeer belangrijke rol speelden.

Nadat hij in de jaren zeventig nog bij een aantal ILR stations had gewerkt, bleef de zee en dus het avontuur trekken en was het ‘The Voice of Peace’ die van Crispian St John zijn diensten ging gebruik maken. Tijdens mijn research over het boek inzake de geschiedenis van de Voice of Peace kwam ik met vrij grote regelmaat zeer positieve reacties tegen over Crispian’s vakmanschap; dit via voormalige collega’s. Weer anderen, die niet zo goed met hem over weg konden, zagen in hem een eigenwijs persoon, die vaak zijn zinnen doorzette.

Meer ‘Rocking on the Northsea’ ging Howard doen onder de naam Jay Jackson op Radio Caroline in 1983. Hij was er niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor de nieuwsvoorziening, dat gesponsord werd door ‘Newsweek’, maar maakte ook prachtige programma’s, waarbij andermaal de combinatie van uitstekende muziek, kennis van datgene hij draaide, zijn verhalen en zijn stem het tot een compleet geheel maakte. Over de periode dat hij voor Radio Caroline in de jaren tachtig werkte heeft Howard en helaas ondergesneeuwd boekje geschreven, dat de titel ‘The Pirates Who Waive the rules’ meekreeg.

In de jaren tachtig was hij er ook bij toen het vooruitstrevende gouwe ouwe station Radio Sovereign illegaal in de ether werd gebracht, een station dat later aan de Rivièra werd voortgezet. Duizenden contacten had Howard inmiddels opgezet en hij wilde persé radio ook vanuit een andere hoek gaan belichten. Een eigen tijdschrift leek hem een uitstekend alternatief voor radiomaken, dat hij zelfs nog aan land deed in Kettering als medeoprichter van één van de vele ILR stations, genaamd KCBC.

Na een mislukte poging een blad op de markt te zetten gelukte het in de eind jaren tachtig wel een wekelijks verschijnend blad uit te brengen onder de naam The Radio Magazine. Howard, met wie ik altijd, de ene periode meer de andere periode minder, in contact ben gebleven, vroeg mij vanaf de start van dit nummer voor zijn tijdschrift uit Nederland te berichten terwijl hij voor het Freewave Media Magazine ging schrijven. Vorige week kwam de mededeling dat Gold Crest Communication was verkocht, hetgeen betekende dat ook zijn levenswerk The Radio Magazine in andere handen was gekomen. Hoewel Howard als directeur aan zou blijven, mocht een nieuwe stap in zijn loopbaan niet lang duren. Hij overleed gisteren op 49-jarige leeftijd. Hopelijk hebben Patricia en Howard’s kinderen de kracht om dit zeer plotselinge verlies te mogen dragen.

Hans Knot  

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The Radio Mi Amigo RSL broadcast from Lightvessel 18, moored in Harwich Harbour has been put back to a new start date. Radio Mi Amigo will be on the air from August 8th to September 5th 2002.

For more details go to their website. The station will be streaming live audio over the Internet.


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