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Deck view of the "Mebo 3", home of Radio NorthSea International (RSL station in August 1999)


115-46.jpg (66188 Byte)

Keith "Dave" Rodgers on RNI-in-1999


115-10.jpg (53909 Byte)

Euroradio 99 in Calais: Chris Edwards (OEM), Norman Barrington and Brian Anderson (all above pictures ©  B. Dom)


115-13.jpg (62212 Byte)

Southend-on-Sea August 1999: Much interest is shown in the Ross Revenge (all  ©  Alan Coomes)


115-8.jpg (77980 Byte)

The late Screaming Lord Sutch. He died on 16th June 1999.


115-8a.jpg (78270 Byte)

Another Screaming Lord Sutch picture


l38.jpg (52560 Byte)

Radio Veronica´s Bull Verwey and Tineke at the Veronica Revival in Utrecht in August 1999


l50.jpg (47026 Byte)

Stan Haag and his wife attending the Veronica reunion on August 31st 1999


l7.jpg (49123 Byte)

Old Veronica studio equipment at Hotel Lapershoek in Utrecht (all Veronica pictures ©  Hans Knot)



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