Laser 558 in Harwich

The MV Communicator passing DFDS ferry at Harwich November 6th 1985  (© East Anglian Daily Times)


oem60-1.jpg (22257 Byte)

View of the aerials on board the MV Communicator


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Sybil Fennell (Radio Nova)


oem60-3.jpg (30863 Byte)

Jerry Stevens (Q 102 Dublin)


oem60-4.jpg (20280 Byte)

Ad Roberts (Radio Monique)


oem60-5.jpg (21397 Byte)

Jenny McKenzie (Radio Caroline)


oem60-6.jpg (24275 Byte)

The MV Ross Revenge


oem60-7.jpg (21546 Byte)

The 558 transmitter on the Ross Revenge


oem60-8.jpg (19030 Byte)

Wim de Valk (Radio Monique)


oem60-9.jpg (22472 Byte)

On board the Ross Revenge, from l. to r.: John Lewis, Mike Barrington and Dave Andrews


oem60-10.jpg (29918 Byte)

Record library on board the Ross Revenge


oem60-12.jpg (23987 Byte)

The anchor chain that broke


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