Rare RNI airchecks


Kapitein Thom (van der Linden) and Michael Lindsay (September 1970)


Swiss technician Kurt Baer on 19th June 1971


A Swiss station identification


14th June 1972: Tony Allen and Edwin Bollier announcing 90.000 Watts


23rd September 1973: Third NSGDX anniversary programme with A. J. Beirens


Christmas 1973: A. J. Beirens and crew member King Kong


Christmas 1973: Greetings from Ingo Paternoster


Greetings from machinist Rudi Kagon (1974)


The Toad campaign (1974)


Robin Banks and King Kong (1974)





RNI in 1970


22nd January The Mebo 2 leaving Slikkerveer for her anchorage off the Dutch coast
23rd January Firsts test on FM 102 MHz and shortwave 6210 kHz (49 metre band)
11th February First test on mediumwave 1610 kHz (186 metres)
28th February Official opening by Roger Twiggy Day and Horst Reiner
23rd March Heading for new anchorage off Clacton-on-Sea
1st April Shut down of shortwave transmissions
10th April New mediumwave frequency 1578 kHz (190 metres)
15th April The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications beginning to jam the mediumwave transmissions
30th April Change to 1385 (217 metres) and 100 MHz
13th May First tests on 1230 kHz (244 metres)
13th June RNI becoming Radio Caroline International
14th June Rally at Trafalgar Square
18th June The Conservative Party winning the General Election
20th June The station is called RNI once again
Last week in June First tests on 9940 kHz (31 metre band)
27th June Move to 1385 kHz (217 metres) once more
30th June Back to 1230 kHz (244 metres)
2nd July Reopening 6210 kHz (49 metre band)
23rd July Closing down, lifting anchor and heading back to Holland
24th July Reopening on 1230 kHz and FM 102 MHz (the jamming did not restart)
3rd August Reopening on 6205 kHz (49 metre band), change to 1385 kHz (217 metres)
5th August Additional shortwave broadcasts on 9940 kHz (31 metre band) starting
23rd August Change to FM 100 MHz
24th August Change to 1367 kHz (220 metres)
29th August Kees Manders demanding the ship to be taken to Scheveningen
22nd/23rd September First split "RNI World Service" broadcasts on 9940 kHz and 100 MHz
24th September RNI closing down until February 1971. Final programme by Alan West and Andy Archer



rni8.jpg (28309 Byte)

Carl Mitchell


Carl Mitchell on 8th March 1970 (846 kB)


rni5.jpg (29758 Byte)

Mark Wesley


Mark Wesley in May 1970 (190 kB)

Axel on May 17th 1970 (536 kB)

UNICEF-Promo by Axel (273 kB)


rni7.jpg (19649 Byte)



Axel on 24th July 1970 [1] (469 kB)

Axel on 24th July 1970 [2] (487 kB)


rni6.jpg (25674 Byte)

Andy Archer


  RNI Top 30 with Andy Archer on 26th July 1970 (715 kB) 

Andy counting down the Top 30 (649 kB)


rni11.jpg (27117 Byte)

Alan West


  Pop News with Alan West and Andy Archer on 26th July 1970 (373 kB) 


rni10.jpg (35600 Byte)

  Spangles Muldoon, Michael Lindsay, Andy Archer, Carl Mitchell and Alan West 


The Beatles Show with David Gregory on 26th July 1970 (112 kB)


rni9.jpg (24000 Byte)

Alan West


  RNI News with Alan West on 6th September 1970 (744 kB) 


rni4.jpg (30329 Byte)

Stephen Ladd


  RNI News with Stephen Ladd on 6th September 1970 (332 kB) 


RNI Top 30 with Mark Wesley on 6th September 1970 (312 kB)

Mark counting down the Top 30 (443 kB)


(Most pictures were taken from the RNI Souvenir Book published by Victor Pelli in 1971)



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