rnilogo2.jpg (14036 Byte) In my opinion the 1970 period of RNI was the most fascinating one. It saw lots of well known DJs, nice jingles, good music, all those frequency changes, the jamming period off the British coast and the Kees Manders drama. And they even had German broadcasts (a first in offshore radio history) which honestly I found a bit disappointing. I was 15 years old at that time, not knowing that RNI was creating my deep interest in offshore radio in all those years to come.

This website should relive some memories of RNI. It contains several MP3-audiofiles with off-air-recordings from RNI in 1970, most of them made in Rees (a small town in Germany near the Dutch border). Therefore the quality is sometimes fair, but I'm sure you will nevertheless enjoy what you hear. Last but not least this site presents some pictures of the DJs in 1970 as well as their multicoloured radioship, the Mebo II.



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John S. Platt: The RNI RSL's

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Soundscapes: RNI Memories

Soundscapes: Erinnerungen an Radio Nordsee International




For many offshore radio enthusiasts Radio Nordsee International (RNI) was the most colourful and exciting one. Its history from 1970 to 1974 was full of drama and saw the jamming by the GPO, the hijack-attack by Kees Manders and the fire bomb attack paid for by Radio Veronica. By means of its short wave transmitter the station reached a wider audience than its rivals and got listeners from all over “Young Europe” and especially the eastern European countries.

Having seen the beautiful footage of the first five DVDs called “The Offshore Radio Years”, I was eagerly waiting for the RNI-DVD, which is number 6 in the series and has now been released by Offshore Echo’s. Once again Francois Lhote, Chris Edwards and Bill Rollins have done a marvellous job. They have compiled 105 minutes of entertaining video footage along with off-air recordings, jingles, tunes and pictures. Some of the material has not been seen before on any other product. IThe DVD even contains pictures and footage from the previous RNI project planned on the MV Galaxy in 1968 and the Mebo II leaving the Netherlands and heading to Libya in 1977. The video has been produced in a very professional manner using all modern techniques. The result is absolutely convincing, with perfect pictures, video footage of the best available quality plus excellent sounds originating from many studio and FM recordings. In my opinion Francois Lhote should be awarded the first ever Offshore Radio Oscar for his production work. This new DVD is a must for all offshore and most of all RNI fans! [Dr. Martin van der Ven from The Offshore Radio Guide

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