Amazing pictures from Halle/Zoersel, Gillingham, Calais, Maidstone, Queenborough, Southampton, Leeuwarden, Hilversum, Harwich, Beervelde and Amsterdam



The Radio Mi Amigo Revival on September 30th/October 1st 2000 in Halle/Zoersel, Belgium


John S. Platt on the Radio Caroline RSL in Harwich (October 2000)


The Caroline Convention 2000 in Gillingham on 12th August 2000


The Caroline Supporters Day In Leeuwarden on August 19th 2000


Euroradio 2000 in Calais (1st July 2000)


The M.V. Ross Revenge off Queenborough (2nd July 2000)


Radio CarolineĀ“s satellite service from Maidstone (2nd July and April 2000)


The M.V. Communicator at Pampushaven near Almere (24th June 2000)


The Norderney in Leeuwarden on 27th March 2000


The Enterprise (Pirates for Peace) in Southampton on 5th April 2000


The Omroepmuseum in Hilversum on 28th March 2000


John S. Platt on the RNI RSL 2000


Radioday 2000 in Amsterdam on 25th March 2000


De eerste Vlaamse Zeezenderdag in Beervelde on 26th February 2000



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