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Radio Day in Amsterdam


Welcome with Hans and Martin

Het REM-eiland - een avontuur op poten

Radio Mi Amigo: Vlaams op z'n best - De Vereniging Voor Vrije Radio

Europe's Best Music - Caroline 558

Yorkshire's Part of The Beat Fleet: Radio 270

De Meurders Methode

The Big Wide Wonderful World of Radio Caroline North

Farewell with Hans, Martin and Rob

Extra Gold NL broadcast live from the Radio Day 2012 in Hotel Casa 400:

11u-12u met oa Sietse Brouwer, Jean-Luc Bostyn en Johan Vermeer
12u-13u met oa Mark Sloane en Rob Olthof
13u-14u met o.a. Hans Hogendoorn als Nieuwslezer, Tom Mulder en Rene Verkerk
14u-15u met oa Bernadette als Nieuwslezeres, Ad Roland en Peter de Vries
15u-16u met oa Edo Peters als Nieuwslezer en over Radio 819 en Hans & Ger van Unique FM
16u-17u met oa Rene Verkerk en Wim de Water
17u-18u met Peter Jager als Nieuwslezer, Felix Meuders en Jaap Schut

Luister naar de Radio Day 2012 promo (NL)

Listen to the Radio Day 2012 promo (ENG)



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The Radio Day Theme Tune



Welcome with Hans Knot and Martin van der Ven

Radio Mi Amigo: From the Benelux via Playa de Aro to the Thames Estuary (Marc Jacobs with guests Hugo Meulenhof, Ferry Eden, Will van der Steen and Bert Bennett)

Hendrik van Nellestijn: The finale of the Radio Mi Amigo 100.9 FM quiz

Radio 390 Reunion - A panel with Brian Cullingford, Roger Scott (Arnold Layne), Mark Hammerton (Mark Sloane), John Stewart (John Aston) and Graham Gill. Moderator: Trevor Adams

Graham Gill: Way Back Home (presentation of his new book, laudation by Bert Bennett)

Seve Ungermark (Radio Nord) chatting with Ronny Forslund

RNI is 40! English panel: Victor Pelli, Peter Ford, Graham Gill, Arnold Layne (Roger Scott), Peter Chicago and Bob Noakes (host: Robbie Owen)

RNI is 40! Dutch panel: Hans ten Hooge (Hogendoorn), Peter Jager, Marc van Amstel, Pieter Damave and Leo van der Goot (host: Nico Steenbergen)

Herbert Visser in conversation with the American rock-pop-jazz songwriter, pianist and singer Chi Coltrane



AFN presentation by Ingo Paternoster

Keith Skues, interviewed by Tom Mulder

Steve Conway and Nigel Harris in a dialogue

Panel "Laser 558 - 25 Years Later"
Jessie Brandon, Charlie Wolf, Mike Barrington, Ray Anderson, Dennis Jason, Leendert Vingerling, Paul Jackson and Jim Perry
Moderator: Johnny Lewis

Radio Day AWARDS celebration
Moderator: Hans Knot

Graham Gill singing



Interview Adriaan van Landschoot (moderator: Luc de Groot)

Panel "Het Nederlandstalige Radio Caroline in 1979/80" (moderator: Fons Winteraeken)
Part 1 with Ad Roberts, Paul de Wit (Erik de Zwart), Kees Borrell, Marc Jacobs (Rob van Dam), Danny Vuylsteke
Part 2 with Peter de Vries (Wout van der Meer), Wim Robijn (Hendrik van Nellestijn), Wilfred de Jong

Panel "Radio Caroline from 1977 to 1980" (moderator: Richard Thompson [Bob Lawrence])
Part 1 with Peter Chicago, Stuart Russel (Nigel Harris), Martin Fisher, Roger Mathews, Mike Barrington
Part 2 with Stephen Bishop (Johnny Lewis), Jeremy Chartham, Cliff Osbourne, Nick Richards, Rusty (tender captain)

Update "Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull" with Sietse Brouwer

Interviews with several Voice of Peace guests (with thanks to Herbert Visser)

Graham Gill singing "Way Back Home"



Tom Mulder (Klaas Vaak) about his phenomenal radio career
Interviewer: Jelle Boonstra

Panel "Swinging Radio England - It was just a job..."
Moderators: Svenn Martinsen and Stuart Aiken

Ian Damon, Mary and Chris Payne

Steve England recalling his days on Radio Caroline and Radio Atlantis
Interviewer: Jelle Boonstra

The Radio Day Awards 2007 (slightly edited)
Presenters: Hans Knot and Robbie Dale

"Radio Caroline in 2007" - An update with Johnny Lewis
Interviewer: Marc Jacobs

Panel "Radio Caroline resisting the MOA"
Moderator: Ray Clark

100% NL_11 november 2007_0000-0100 uur Herbert Visser - Radiodag 2007

100% NL_11 november 2007_0100-0200 uur Herbert Visser - Radiodag 2007



 Download: Offshore 98 - Walter K├Ânig und Alex Pascal (studio recording)


 Radio Caroline 25 Years Ago 


 Radio Caroline - 1976-12-04 Sat - 2240-2340 - Stuart Russel and Marc Jacobs - Motown Special

 1987-05-22 - Caroline 558 - Tony Peters - John Tyler - 1815-1905

 1986 - Caroline Overdrive - Mark Matthews

 1986-12-24 - Caroline Overdrive - Edited highlights with Mark Matthews and John Tyler


  Peter Messingfeld presenting "The Graham Gill Collection" 



 Don Stevens' Audio Archive



The VOP. 1985. Don Stevens Sunrise special. Full Music and jingles.

The Voice of Peace. February 1978. Don Stevens. Morning Show. Full Music and Jingles, plus News in Hebrew. AM quality.

Voice of Peace Sunrise Special. July 1985. Full Music and Jingles. Good Quality.

Radio Nova Dublin. Night show from midnight. July 1984. Howard Hughes is the newsreader. Full Music, Commercials and Jingles.

Solid Gold Sunday. Full 1960's music and jingles in good quality from November 1986.

WLS Music Radio morning show, with Don Stevens and Laura Landers on News. 1985.

Don Stevens TOOLBOX3.1974. Includes Radio Dynamite 'live' London 1974.Records promoting Veronica, Mi Amigo RNI. Roaring 60's 'We Love The Pirate Stations' Radio Big Noise, London, and various productions. For ANORAKS.

Radio Nova Dublin, Don Stevens and Bob Gallico, full music and jingles from 1984.
Don Stevens TOOLBOX 17. Includes South Coast Radio jingles, Tony Allan News report, X RATED Jingles, Music Leader promos. For ANORAKS. 1983.

Voice of Peace.June 1985. Full Music including a Mike Brant tune.

Voice of Peace 1985. Non Stop Israeli Hit Records in Full with Jingles.

Voice of Peace 1985. Sunrise Special.Gali Atari Shim'Shirim.

Don Stevens Toolbox 22 -  41.7MB

The Don Stevens TOOLBOX 22 upload is one of my 'work tapes' for programming and is one of the TOOLBOX tapes I used for Atlantic Sound with Yorkie. It contains the original 'Surf' jingle, which was the only jingle used on Atlantic Sound for qute a while, until Yorkie prepared the 'Airworks' for air use. Played at the top of the hour it features the sea surf crashing, guiter strumming and the high pitched voice of Glenni Rutherford (a Cherokee Indian) who later went to Germany to sing opera. For ANORAKS.

Atlantic Sound Sunrise Special. Hosted by Don Stevens. 43.9MB

Radio Nova Dublin with Don Stevens and Bob Galico.Atlantic Sound with Atlantic Sound 'Surf' Ident, with Don Stevens. 43.2MB

South Coast Radio Cork -  83.9MB

South Coast Radio, Sunday morning show, the first daytime show on the station from Don Stevens. Includes jingles and trailers and full records, from January 1983


The following 4 URL's are for Solid Gold Sunday on WLS Music Radio in Galway. The programme is full of 1960's jingles and music, plus, in part 3a behind the scenes look at KJR Seattle, plus in part 4, WKMH from 1956, hosted by Don Stevens.

WLS.SGS Part 1 20.7MB

WLS.SGS Part 2 28.3MB

WLS.SGS.Part 3 28.19MB

WLS.SGS Part 4 28.3MB

Tony Allan Morning Show on WLS Music Radio Galway, October 1986. There is a 10 second gap halfway through the recording, my TO forgot to 'pause' the encoding.

Tony Allan WLS. 65.47MB






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