Galei Hayam Hatichon

Mediterranean Waves

Name of ship : M/V Kajur

Position : Anchored off the coast of Tel-Aviv

Frequencies : 95.1 MHz FM

M/V Kajur

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Press Cuttings and Pictures

The M/V Kajur running aground on November 23th 1995

Another black-and-white picture of that event


Five colour television screenshots

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This station began as a land based operation, broadcasting "Middle Eastern" music twenty-four hours a day.

They were constantly raided by the Ministry of Communications officals.



After being raided three times in two weeks the station decided to go offshore. Four months later the station was back on air from the MV Kajur.

Three weeks later the Ministry of Communications officals raided the ship, claiming they were broadcasting from inside Israeli territorial waters, and closed the station down.

23rd November. The MV Kajur ran aground, and was badly damaged and is no longer seaworthy.

It was after the ship run aground that it was discovered that the ship housed two stations, Radio Galei Hayam Hatichon and Radio Dan.



30th April. A station calling itself Galei Hayam Hatichon was heard on 101.8 Mhz. The station was broadcasting continuous music and using the same jingles as the ship based station in 1995.


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