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RNI returned as an RSL station in August 1999. From August 3rd till August 30th 1999, the station broadcast from the LV-18 (the former Trinity House lightship No. 18) which was nicknamed the "Mebo III". The ship had been towed to a postion off Holland-on-Sea. The broadcasts were taking place on mediumwave 190 metres (1575 kHz). Some former offshore jocks and technicians participated in the venture (Paul Graham, Paul MacLaren, Alan West, Norman Barrington, Dick Palmer, Dennis Jason, Bob Noakes, Kevin Turner, Bob LeRoi, Ray Anderson, Dave Rodgers, Dave West and Phil Mitchell). Together with Graham Vine, Chris Baird, Clive Boutell, Mike Read and Colin Lamb they were reliving the year 1970. It's an edit by Alex van den Hoek taken from the material filmed by Hans-Joachim Backhus. (text


Going back in time of the sound of the nation is the Radio Caroline Flashback……... to August 1999. Radio Caroline RSL. The Ross Revenge, transmitting on 1503 AM, from the The Southend Pier at Southend-on-Sea. A video made by Hans-Joachim Backhus and Theo Tromp. In an edit by Alex van den Hoek, with thanks to Martin van der Ven.




































From Rob Olthof's Basement


'Zeezenders 20' in Noordwijkerhout


Dietmar Flacke: Remember The Seventies




David Fewkes: The Ross Revenge in November 2013


A boat trip in 1971


Radio Caroline ships in Zaandam


Radio Paradijs in July 1981



































































































Teun Visser remembering 1973

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Delta met Tony Allan

Charlotte Ribbelink bevoorraad Atlantis

Delta met Teun Visser

Teun Visser in zendruimte Mi Amigo























Pictures from Shivering Sands (Radio City) taken by Paula Robb in June 2003

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OFFSHORE 98 appetizerOFFSHORE 98 

During the Easter 1999 weekend, OFFSHORE 98 was on the air. Find an exclusive feature with pictures, sounds and an interview by clicking



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Offshore Echo´s Magazine presenting 353 exclusive pictures


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13 colour photos of the Norderney  (Radio Veronica) in Leeuwarden


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The MV Ross Revenge in Southend-on-Sea


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Tom Mulder (Klaas Vaak) - 30 years on the wireless


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John S. Platt presenting pictures of the USS Density (later to become the MV Galaxy, home of Radio London)



Chris Latiers' Photo Album

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Radiodag in Haarlem/Netherlands on March 20th 1999


Video: Mi Amigo aground in 1966

Video: Ross Revenge sailing to London in 1995


10 exclusive colour photos of the MV Electra in December 1997

   Golden memories: The MV Ross Revenge in international waters

20 brilliant photos from 1983 till 1991


   From somewhere in the Mediterranean: The Voice of Peace

6 photos of the MV Peace, the transmitters and the studio from 1986


The MV Communicator in international waters

8 stunning photos from 1984 till 1987

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Radioship MV Communicator in the Ijsselmeer

9 photos taken on May 10th 1997

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Five pictures from Odd Magne Djønne in Norway:


Picture 1 (in Stavanger, Norway)

Picture 2 (in Bergen harbour, Norway)

The MV Tananger many years ago before being converted to the radioship MV Communicator. The ship carried all kind of cargo between Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo at that time.


Picture 3

A photo showing Communicator as Charterer a name she was given by her new owners Gardline Shipping before being renamed Gardline Seeker. The photo is taken just after the take over from DSD in Stavanger as the DSD's colour are still painted at the vessel's bow.


Picture 4

The MV Communicator being escorted by her former sister ship the Gardline Tracker (ex Norwegian vessel Ryfylke) to Harwich harbour


Picture 5

A police boat escorting the MV Communicator into the dock to be arrested (both on 6th of November 1985)



 Radiodag in Haarlem on May 10th 1997

10 pictures of the annual Dutch meeting

   Flashback:  Best of (Free) Radio News

24 black-and-white photos of that famous magazine


17 rare colour photos