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   In 1995, Steve Conway took a photo showing the Lightship No. 3 while under conversion to the radioship King David, now lying off the Israeli coast (Arutz 2000)

 Another view of the vessel

In the summer of 1989, there was a single FM-test from the MV Nannell off the Belgian coast. See a picture of the ship (later called MV Mi Amigo) at the scrapyard (end of 1989).

In 1990, the "Déesse de la Démocratie" was prepared for broadcasting to China, but never made it on the air.

Another view of the vessel

 The MV Mi Amigo

 Another colour picture of the MV Mi Amigo

Roughs Tower (Sealand)

Joan and Roy Bates (Princess Joan and Prince Roy of Sealand)

The Norderney (Radio Veronica)

Herbert Visser took this photo in 1987 when the MV Communicator was just passing the MV Ross Revenge

 In early 1996 the Radio Caroline ship Ross Revenge was drydocked at Chatham Historic Dockyard.

 In addition to a hull inspection, the seawater inlet valves were renewed, and the hull treated with anti-fouling paint

 A look at one of the studios on board at that time

Peter Messingfeld took a beautiful photo of the Ross Revenge on August 17th 1997


 The MV Electra on the OEM cover

A colour foto of the Allan Weiner´s MV Electra



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