The Pirates for Peace is a project being launched by Action for Peoples in Conflict. Pirates for Peace is being set up to provide young people from all over Ireland with an opportunity to mix with each other and learn broadcasting skills on board a 100-foot ship, the Enterprise.


The primary aims of the project are as follows:

1) To unite young people from all over Ireland - North, South, Protestant and Catholic backgrounds - and to provide a forum for education for mutual understanding.

We are planning to achieve this on a number of levels:

* By helping young people to make radio programmes which tackle social and political issues.

* By broadcasting these programmes to a young audience throughout Ireland.

* By raising awareness amongst young people of the part they have to play in the peace process on a day-to-day level, and by offering them a neutral venue in which to build bridges and friendships between their communities.


We believe that giving young people the opportunity to work with those from a different persuasion will help them to listen to and understand alternative points of view, to learn to co-exist more peacefully, and to find that working together on community issues can promote community values and tolerance. We aim to help young people towards their own kind of conflict resolution.


2) To provide young people with an opportunity for training in broadcasting and media skills, and practical experience of media production.

We envisage that young people will learn the following skills:

* Programme conception, creation, and editing techniques.

* Technical training.

* Journalistic skills.

* Responsible attitudes to broadcasting and knowledge of how presentation can affect the items presented.


This aspect of the project will allow young people the opportunity for job skills training.


3) To provide an opportunity to young people for personal development.

We plan to concentrate our efforts on providing opportunities to those from underprivileged backgrounds.

We anticipate that Pirates for Peace will help young people in the following personal ways:

* By raising self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of personal worth.

* By encouraging them to develop good communication skills.

* By encouraging a sense of belonging within a community, and the importance of valuing oneself and others.


Pirates for Peace has the following long-term aim:

To move in to the field of internet radio in order to unite young people around the world. Pirates will provide a forum for youth discussion, communication, and tolerance.


The next question we addressed was how Pirates for Peace would achieve its aims to provide opportunities for broadcasting and communication. Our priority for the initiative in Ireland was to provide young people with a neutral forum for their activities. The donation of the 100-foot Enterprise answered our need for neutrality in a number of ways:

* The boat will not belong on either side of the border or in a Catholic or a Protestant area.

* The boat will be able to move around the island, thus reaching a greater number of people, and, over time, broadcasting to a wider audience.

The link with pirate radio of the 1960s is a significant one which captures the spirit of the project. The idea of striving for a change in attitudes through radio and communication is central to Pirates for Peace initiative.


In addition to this, life on board a ship will take young people away from everyday concerns Co-operation will be vital for completing ship duties, and the priorities on board will be far removed from day-to-day issues.


Two-week broadcasting courses will be offered to provide young people with no prior experience with the opportunity to learn the skills to be able to produce good programmes. The practical details of the project are addressed below.


We currently have verbal or written support for the project from:

David Trimble

The Office of The President of Eire

John McFall


We have had practical advice and offers of continued support from:

Margaret Yeomans - Southern Education and Library Board

Gregory Butler - Youth advisor - Southern Education and Library Board

Tommy and Katharine Sands

Tommy Fagin - The Prince's Trust - Belfast

Lady Maeve Hall


Our primary aim in Ireland is to set up a steering group for the project, for advice on publicising the project, and for making sure we are sensitive to the needs of all community groups. A steering group in Ireland will act as a contact point for youth groups or individuals interested in the project. Our aim is to have a steering group up and running by the end of February. In order to do this successfully, we are planning to send a representative out to Ireland to conduct the first meeting. This is dependent on funding and the trip is costed below. Once the steering group is in place we will begin to publicise Pirates for Peace with young people in Ireland. Ideally we are looking to send information to youth groups and schools all over the island, to launch the project by getting groups involved in community fundraising initiatives, and by running a group broadcasting competition. Schools and youth groups will be asked to produce a 10 minute recorded programme on a social or community issue to be played on local radio. We will be asking youth groups and schools to assist us with publicity and hope to have strong support for the project in Ireland by the time the Enterprise has been refitted by the end of Summer 2000.


                    The Boat:

The Enterprise is currently moored in Southampton. Eight volunteers from the Prince's Trust are on board helping to gut and clear the boat before its refit. They are being supervised by Tom Newman (the record producer who donated the boat). We have interest from a number of volunteers who wish to help with the refit and who have contacted us through volunteer bureaus in Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, and Portsmouth. Our volunteer policy is under final review. In addition to the Prince's Trust, young people from the following organisations will be involved in work: The MARS Project (a crime concern project), NCH Action for Children, and Fairbridge (an organisation working with young people with limited opportunities). As with the full-scale operations we anticipate that work on board the Enterprise will offer disadvantaged young people the opportunity for work experience, skills development and a sense of working within a team for a particular goal;. We will be encouraging young people to get involved with publicising and fundraising for the project.


A south coast steering group has been set up, primarily to help co-ordinate fundraising related publicity on the south coast and in England and to co-ordinate practical support on the south coast. Currently we have the financial support of an interdenominational council of churches on the south coast, and great interest in the project from the Bishop of Southampton, who visited the Enterprise a few weeks ago. In addition we are establishing considerable links with the navy and have been given practical donations by the navy disposals unit.


Finally I would like to outline the nature of the programme once the full-scale operations are up and running. Initially we are planning to run the courses from Carlingford Lough where the Enterprise will be moored. To begin with we do not anticipate holding our own radio licence but to be broadcasting in certain slots on local or national radio stations. We are in the process of contacting radio stations in order to find out if any is willing to support us on this. Though it will be a base, we anticipate that the Enterprise will move around the island offering courses - mainly on the border areas. The Enterprise will be crewed by six staff: two experienced deck officers, one staff member experienced with those with special needs, and three creative staff who will guide the young people in technical training, programme conception, and editing. As has been discussed elsewhere, up to eight young people at a time will be offered two week courses on board. Young people will be chosen mainly for their interest in broadcasting, assessed through a brief application form which we plan to distribute through youth group leaders and teachers (or through the recommendation of teachers and youth leaders). Courses will be paid for through the fundraising initiatives of AfPiC; a costing is enclosed. The young people will be given the chance to devise and create their own programmes on a very wide brief, ranging from current affairs, documentaries, and music to drama and light entertainment.

I have enclosed further background information on the charity, but do feel free to contact me by phone, e-mail, or letter if you have further questions regarding the project.

Yours faithfully,

Heidi König


Action for Peoples in Conflict

Bringing hope to shattered lives

Tel: 01235 519393 Fax: 01235 519395


162-164 Broadway, Didcot OX11 8RJ

Reg'd charity no. 1060894




Ireland costs during the refit of the Enterprise:

Cost of sending representative to Ireland for first steering committee meeting:

Travel to Newry £200

Two nights in a hotel £100

Food and travel allowance £60

Cost of publicising Pirates in Ireland until the launch of the

Enterprise (9 months) - stationery, printing, and postage £200 per month

Total: £2160


Cost of refit of the Enterprise (9 months):

Administration during refit £200 monthly

Boat mooring during refit £250 monthly

Marine survey £2000

Gutting and hull painting £3000

Cleaning and painting of ship internal and external £2000

Purchase/installation of two engines £16000

Purchase/installation of compass, radar set, charts

and other navigational aids £10000

Purchase/installation of two generators £15000

Insulating/wiring/equipping a radio station £25000

Contingency £5000

Total £82050

Donations of equipment from the Navy disposals office and other sources will reduce these costs.


Broadcasting course costs:

Staff x 6 £400 per course per person

Food for 12 £500 per course

Travel budget for young people to reach boat £400 per course

Equipment costs £100 per course

Administrative costs £200 per month

Total over 1 year (based on 1 course per month) £43200

We envisage that as the project gets established, the boat will be available for musicians to pay for the use of its recording studio; this will at least in part pay for the courses. Tom Newman owns all the equipment necessary for recording and has kindly offered to allow the project to use it. We anticipate this will provide us with an income of around £1500 per month.


Donations for Pirates for Peace in the past four months:

Sunchemical 25000BEF (approx £500)

Prince's Trust £240

Street Collection - Portsmouth £127

Longworth PCC £100

Private donation £25

Total £994

As this total suggests, we are currently struggling for funds due to the time limits of volunteers who have been involved up to this point; however, we are now regularly applying to grant-making bodies, are planning to acquire a charity shop by March and plan to get young people in Ireland involved in fundraising events for the project.



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