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50th Edition of "Radio News"

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It´s 25 years ago this year that the Free Radio Campaign Germany was founded. Their magazine Free Radio News, later simply called  Radio News soon became famous by its beautiful pictures of the offshore radio ships, most of them taken by Theo Dencker.

As a special tribute, here are 24 of the magazine´s black-and-white photos:

The REM island in 1972

Buster Pearson (father of all anoraks)

Rudi Kagon, Bob Noakes and Robin Banks on the Mebo 2

Brian McKenzie (RNI)

Peter and Werner Hartwig (German NSGDX on RNI)

Edwin Bollier (RNI)

The Mebo 2

Sealand (Roughs Tower)

The MV Magda Maria (Radio Paradijs)

MV Magdalena (second ship of Radio MiAmigo)

Ronan O´Rahilly (Radio Caroline)

Tony Allen on the MV Mi Amigo (Radio Caroline)

Andy Archer, Samantha Dubois, Robb Eden and Peter Chicago (Radio Caroline)

Mauice Bokkebroek, Ton Schipper, Haike Debois and Sylvain Tack (Radio Mi Amigo International) at Playa de Aro (Spain)

The MV Mi Amigo

The MV Jeanine (Radio Atlantis)

The Norderney (Radio Veronica)

Another view of the Norderney

The MV Aegir 1 (Radio Delmare)

The MV Odelia (TV station in the Middle East)

Another view of the Odelia

The balloon aerial of Laser 730

Charlie Wolf (Laser 558)

Le Droit de Parole (Radio Brod)


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At the beginning of May 1997, the  50th edition of Radio News  was issued. It´s a very special one, celebrating the 25th birthday of the FRCG. It contains no German text but only historic pictures of the early British stations, of Radio Syd from Sweden, Radio Antwerpen from Belgium, Big L, RNI, Veronica, Laser/Communicator, Caroline and Radio Paradijs. The magazine was printed on high-quality paper, and the 49 black-and-white photos are of an extraordinary quality.

Radio News is quite expensive , but this special issue is highly recommended even for non-German-speaking readers.

A sample copy costs DM 9 / £ 4 / $ 6 / 9 NLG.

For more information write to:

Free Radio Campaign Germany, P.O. Box 2209, D-77612 Offenburg, Germany


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