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RADIO 270 as it was 1966

The long lost and legendary LEON TIPLER home movie is now available, direct from the Radio 270 website. Lovingly restored by Neddy Noel, this excellent film has shots of all the life on board the Oceaan7, including the dreaded storm of October 1966 which reduced the mizzen sail to tatters.

In the film you can see Radio 270 Chairman LEN DALE helping with welding and star DJ Neddy Noel acting as human anchor winch! See many other Radio 270 stars fooling around on the Ocean 7; PAUL BURNETT, ROSS RANDELL, PHIL HAYTON, PAUL KRAMER, and many many more. And Hundreds of visitors coming by on the Boys Own and the Coronia (are YOU among them?)

Noel performs a great version of his Ballad of Radio 270 and the DVD has a running time of 54 minutes. It's being offered as DOUBLE DVD offer for £24.99 (plus £2 p&p) with the 2017 Souvenir Anniversary DVD of Noels, but if you already have that and want just the new 'As it Was' DVD, just Click Here to send £20. We shall soon have a copy winging its way to you.
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Volume 17 - Radio Caroline Story - The English Years (1974-1980)

When the Dutch government passed their Marine Offences Act in 1974, Radio Caroline upped anchor and sailed back to the English coast. The British government were not happy, and so began a dark period, of persecution and prosecution of Radio Caroline, and those associated with her. Radio Caroline’s album format drew a huge audience across the UK and Europe, enhanced by Radio Mi Amigo, that shared airtime on the Mi Amigo. By 1980, the Mi Amigo, was showing her age, and plugging holes in her leaking hull became a regular occurrence. When in March she broke her anchor chain and began drifting, her hull was damaged on a sandbank. The ship began leaking and filling with water, that the pumps couldn’t control. The Sheerness lifeboat rescued the crew, and a short while later the Mi Amigo sank beneath the waves. Many people thought this was the end of Radio Caroline, but it was to be merely a break in transmissions, before a new era of offshore radio was to begin. This documentary DVD/Blu-ray looks at the story of Radio Caroline from 1974, until the Mi Amigo sank in 1980.

Duration of this DVD/Bluray: 120 minutes.

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The Offshore Radio Guide commenting:

For me, the period from 1974 to 1980 was Caroline's best ever, especially because of their album music format and presenters like Stevie Gordon, Ed Foster, Martin Fisher, Tom Hardy, Stuart Russel, Mark Lawrence, Richard Thompson and Mike Stevens (to name but a few).
Hand on heart: Can you remember any video recordings of Radio Caroline from that time? Or good quality photos? Now you have the opportunity to take a nostalgic trip back in time to almost 50 years ago. Francois, Chris and Bill from OEM have undoubtedly made the best of the difficult situation that there is indeed very little film footage in good quality. For decades, everything literally played only in our ears. Now we have the opportunity to get to know the faces behind the voices. The now released film has become a two-hour-long surprsing bombardment of countless photos, video clips, historical recordings and everything else that shaped those years.
I guarantee for wistful goosebumps feelings. In other words, this DVD/Blu-ray is indispensable for any offshore radio fan. All respect, the people from OEM have done a super job (again!).




Volume 16 - Radio Caroline Story - The Dutch Years (1968-1974)

When Radio Caroline’s ships were seized by their supply company in 1968, many people thought it was the end of the story. There was a surprise when Caroline made a brief return in 1970, and with a bold plan for a flying Television station – Caroline TV. Caroline TV didn’t get off the ground, but Radio Caroline, returned at the end of 1972. This time was more permanent, with their ship anchored off the Dutch coast. It wasn’t without drama, there was Mutiny, Storms and Masts falling down, and the Dutch government bringing in laws to ban the radio stations broadcasting from off their coast. This documentary DVD/Blu-ray looks at the Radio Caroline story from 1968 until 1974, when the Mi Amigo upped anchor, leaving Holland and sailing to a new position off the English coast.

Duration of this DVD/Bluray: 104 minutes.

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The Offshore Radio Guide commenting:

For the 16th time already, Offshore Echos surprises us with a firework of photos, film clips, interview clips, radio recordings, jingles and tunes - this time on the subject of Radio Caroline in the period from 1968 to 1974. One could think again: There is not much material, but far from it! Francois Lhote has again found hundreds of photos, many of them in colour. We see little known video material, for example of the mutiny on board the MV Mi Amigo at the turn of the year 1972/73, and it goes into the depths of offshore history, to questions that many interested radio fans can hardly answer spontaneously: Who spoke at the Free Radio Demonstration in London in 1969? How concrete were the plans for Radio Caroline's TV station? What is a Mickey Mouse mast? Why wasn't the sex programme of Candy magazine broadcast? Why did the triangular mast fall into the North Sea? Which Neil Diamond LP was Radio Seagull named after? Questions about questions - here you will find expert answers. Once again I got goose bumps several times when I saw this fascinating film. (By the way, it was striking that apparently nobody had gone to the hairstyle since 1968, especially Ronan.) In summary: The ideal Christmas present for offshore radio fans!




Volume 14 - Radio Northsea International - Part 2 - 1971-1972

Radio Northsea International was the most colourful, dramatic, influential, and well equipped of all of the offshore radio stations. Colourful - with a multi-coloured radio ship. Dramatic - jammed by the British government, an attempted hijacking, and fire bombed by a competitor. Influential - promoting Dutch & European artists to an international audience. Well equipped – 5 transmitters, the best studio equipment and luxury accommodation for the deejays and crew. This DVD/Bluray documentary looks at RNI’s surprise return in 1971, the Mebo II fire bombed by a competitor, the loss of the anchor chain, and allegations of the Mebo being a spy ship. duration: 72 minutes.

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The Offshore Radio Guide commenting:

Part 2: When RNI came back from the ashes as a phoenix in February 1971, I was ambivalent. The best broadcasting time was now reserved for Dutch hits and disc jockeys like Jan van Veen, who appealed rather to older housewives. But I was quickly taught a better lesson: RNI soon developed a fascinating mix of lively English language evening broadcasts and a professional Dutch programme, which also included exciting live broadcasts from the radio ship Mebo II with new formats. And the dramas of the first year also continued: a fire bomb shook the ship in May 1971, and in November the anchor chain broke. The several-day attempt with "RNI 2" in September 1972, on the other hand, was just a nice comedy. Future-oriented structures had long since been established, so that RNI initially seemed indispensable in the European broadcasting landscape. The new DVD/Bluray comprehensively depicts all this in the well-known excellent quality. Once again, a captivating masterpiece has been created that gives the interested viewer a comprehensive impression of all the events during 1971 and 1972. Colourful video recordings, crystal-clear studio and FM recordings, countless jingles and photos form an overall absolutely recommendable product that should not be missing in any collection.



Volume 15 - Radio Northsea International - Part 3 - 1973-1981

Radio Northsea International was the most colourful, dramatic, influential, and well equipped of all of the offshore radio stations. Colourful - with a multi-coloured radio ship. Dramatic - jammed by the British government, an attempted hijacking, and fire bombed by a competitor. Influential - promoting Dutch & European artists to an international audience. Well equipped – 5 transmitters, the best studio equipment and luxury accommodation for the deejays and crew. After the drama of previous years, things had settled down for RNI. This DVD/Bluray documentary looks at RNI promoting Dutch artists to a European audience, the passing of the Dutch MOA, RNI’s close and the Mebo being sold to Libya. duration: about 90 minutes.

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The Offshore Radio Guide commenting:

Part 3: After the first two parts of the big RNI documentation I was even more excited about the last and third part. And this part appealed to me quite differently, even more touched me. Because you feel from the beginning: Here an era comes to an end, a certain political will drives a successful project to the wall. The perfect juxtaposition of video recordings in black and white and in colour, supplemented by countless photos in excellent quality, interesting audio recordings, jingles and more recent interviews is something we are familiar with from earlier products. But this time a shiver ran down my spine, the very close end of RNI brought tears to my eyes. What a pity that this great chapter in the history of offshore radio ended so painfully in Libya. In summary: This DVD/Bluray completes an absolutely worth seeing trilogy!



The Radio Caroline Bible is now available and tells the inside story of Radio Caroline, from the very beginning – right up to date. A story packed with disasters, boardings, adventure, excitement and copious amounts of skull-duggery.

Over 500 pages long, there are many inside tales about the major events from all of Caroline’s four eras. This story is different – it’s told by many of the key people who made Radio Caroline happen. It contains unique content & many ‘never published before’ photos among the 340 illustrations. It’s chronologically correct, fully indexed and will surely become a real collector’s item.

It has a gorgeous full-colour cover showing the Ross Revenge in all her magnificence with the tall tower at the Falls Head anchorage, site of her final broadcasts at sea.

Radio Caroline Bible is an amazing Christmas gift that will be treasured for many years by any Caroline fan

“They say that every home should have a Holy Bible. Every radio fan’s home needs a Radio Caroline Bible. They should read it every day.” (Sir Hans Knot, radio historian.)

Full details can be found on the Caroline Bible’s own web site:



“This is a real look behind the microphone, exploring many of the operational secrets of the Caroline organisation,” says author Paul Rusling. He has worked in the radio industry (including a period with Radio Caroline) for many years. He has written a dozen books, half of them about radio including three about Caroline’s rival, Laser 558.

“Caroline’s activities have always had to be cloaked in clouds of mystery. The original team, including aristocrats and a member of the Royal family, didn’t want others to know they were involved. Once UK legislation made it illegal, even tighter security methods had to be deployed as the Radio Caroline team played ‘cat and mouse’ with the authorities.

Radio Caroline is the world’s most famous offshore radio station. It began in 1964, has used five different ships and once had over 20m listeners. The station was responsible for many innovations in music radio and was Britain’s first all day music station, the first album station and has helped launch the careers of many major music stars. Caroline’s last radio ship is now moored in an Essex river and broadcasts daily on medium wave, DAB and online.

There are contributions from all the major players in the Radio Caroline story, not just Ronan O’Rahilly but all the key secretaries, PAs, and station managers in the 60s, 70s and 80s. It looks at those who funded the ships and explains why they did so.

Hardback:£32.90 (Price details to EU and RoW are on the webpage) Softback (November) £24.90 (special edition; autographed by the author on request.)



I have been following the history of offshore radio intensively for decades, and my book collection on the subject is impressive and almost complete. Especially on Radio Caroline there are numerous publications, but most of them focus on the sixties. Again and again the seventies and eighties are only cursorily treated.

That has now changed: Paul Rusling has published the "Caroline Bible", a mammoth work that not only meticulously depicts the history of the legendary radio station. It contains all known and less familiar details about the ships, the transmitters, the hundreds of deejays and helpers in the background with countless anecdotes and a mountain of in-depth knowledge. For the interested radio listener an indispensable reference book has been created, the reading of which will not let the reader go. Rusling has consulted countless sources, conducted many interviews and compiled hundreds of photos, many of which were previously unknown.

Without any doubt a must-have for anyone interested in radio history and the watery wireless!

Dr. Martin van der Ven (The Offshore Radio Guide)


Boekrecensie: Ferry Eden: Mi Amigo - De Vlaamse Tack van de zeezenders

Het fenomeen "zeezenders" is al bijna drie decennia geschiedenis. Des te meer boeken over dit fascinerende tijdperk er jaar na jaar verschijnen. Het laatste werk van Ferry Eden valt ongetwijfeld op en is een must voor alle geïnteresseerden. De eerste keer dat ik het in mijn hand hield, had ik het gevoel dat het kerstmis was. Allereerst valt het groter dan A4-formaat positief op. Een harde kaft bevat de 200 pagina’s aan glanzend papier. De tekst, geschreven in het Nederlands, is prettig om te lezen en bevat talloze details. Ferry Eden, een jarenlange medewerker van Mi Amigo en dus een bevestigde expert, heeft vele collega's geïnterviewd en een prachtige caleidoscoop gemaakt van dit spannende verhaal van het Vlaamse radiostation met voornamelijk Nederlandse disc jockeys. We vinden exclusieve bijdragen van bekende persoonlijkheden als Marc Jacobs, Norbert, Ton Schipper, Will van der Steen en Adriaan van Landschoot. Ferry Eden laat geen enkel detail buiten beschouwing, beschrijft de technische aspecten, het schip, de collega's en medewerkers aan land en op zee en legt de geschiedenis van de MV Mi Amigo in het bijzonder in detail vast. Natuurlijk ontbreekt ook het avontuurlijke verhaal van de MV Magdalena niet. Meer dan 500 foto's (vaak in kleur en niet eerder gepubliceerd) geven het geheel zijn bijzondere karakter. In de loop van bijna vijf decennia zijn door mij in mijn boekenkast veel boeken op het gebied van offshore radio verzameld. Ik neem er steeds weer een paar in mijn handen om ze te lezen en door te bladeren, bijvoorbeeld Gerry Bishop's "Offshore Radio". Ferry Eden's nieuwe boek zal daar beslist een van zijn.
Bestel hier:

Ferry Eden

Marc Jacobs

Ton Schipper

Bert Bennett

Frans van der Drift

Ad Petersen

Book Review: Ferry Eden: Mi Amigo - De Vlaamse Tack van de zeezenders
The "offshore radio" phenomenon is now almost three decades behind us. More and more books about this fascinating epoch appear from year to year. The latest work by Ferry Eden undoubtedly stands out and is a must for all those interested in the subject. The first time I held it in my hand, I had a feeling like Christmas. First of all, the larger than A4 format stands out positively. A hard cover contains the 200 pages of glossy paper. The text, written in Dutch, is pleasant to read and contains countless details. Ferry Eden, a long-time Mi Amigo employee and thus a confirmed expert, has interviewed many colleagues and created a wonderful kaleidoscope of this exciting chapter in the life of this Flemish radio station with mostly Dutch disc jockeys. We find exclusive contributions by well-known personalities such as Marc Jacobs, Norbert, Ton Schipper, Will van der Steen and Adriaan van Landschoot. Ferry Eden did not leave out a single detail, describes the technical aspects, the ship, the colleagues and employees on land and at sea and records in the history of the MV Mi Amigo in particular detail. Of course, the adventurous story of the MV Magdalena is not missing either. More than 500 photos (many of them in colour and often previously unpublished) give the whole thing its special spice. During the course of almost five decades, many books on offshore radio have accumulated in my bookshelf. I take a few of them into my hands again and again to read and flip through them, for example Gerry Bishop's "Offshore Radio". Ferry Eden's new book will certainly be one of them.
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Buchrezension Ferry Eden: Mi Amigo - De Vlaamse Tack van de zeezenders
Das Phänomen "Seesender" ist seit fast drei Jahrzehnte Geschichte. Umso mehr Bücher über diese faszinierende Epoche erscheinen von Jahr zu Jahr. Das neueste Werk von Ferry Eden ragt dabei zweifellos heraus und ist ein Muss für alle Interessenten. Als ich es zum ersten Mal in der Hand hielt, hatte ich ein Gefühl wie Weihnachten. Zunächst fällt das große A4-Format positiv auf. Ein fester Einband umfasst die 200 Seiten Hochglanzpapier. Der in niederländischer Sprache geschriebene Text ist angenehm zu lesen und umfasst zahllose Details. Ferry Eden als langjähriger Mi-Amigo-Mitarbeiter und somit eingefleischter Experte hat viele Kollegen befragt und ein wunderbares Kaleidoskop dieses spannenden Kapitels des flämischen Seesenders mit meist niederländischen Diskjockeys geschaffen. So finden wir exklusive Beiträge bekannter Persönlichkeiten wie beispielsweise Marc Jacobs, Norbert, Ton Schipper, Will van der Steen oder Adriaan van Landschoot. Ferry Eden lässt keine Einzelheit aus, beschreibt die technischen Aspekte, das Schiff, die Kollegen und Mitarbeiter an Land und auf See und hält besonders detailliert die Geschichte des Sendeschiffs MV Mi Amigo fest. Auch die abenteuerliche Geschichte der MV Magdalena fehlt natürlich nicht. Mehr als 500 Fotos (viele davon in Farbe und häufig bislang unveröffentlicht) geben dem Ganzen die besondere Würze. In meinem Bücherregal haben sich im Laufe von fast fünf Jahrzehnten viele Bücher zum Thema "offshore radio" angesammelt. Wenige davon nehme ich immer wieder in die Hand, um aufs Neue darin zu lesen und zu blättern, so etwa Gerry Bishop's "Offshore Radio". Das neue Buch von Ferry Eden wird ganz gewiss dazu gehören.
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Volume 13 - Radio Northsea International - Part 1 - 1970


Radio Northsea International was the most colourful, dramatic, influential, and well equipped of all the offshore radio stations. Colourful, with a multi-coloured radio ship. Dramatic, being jammed by the U.K. government, and an attempted hijacking. Influential, by promoting Dutch & European artists to an international audience. Well equipped, with 5 transmitters, the best studio equipment, and luxury accomodation for the deejays and crew.

This new DVD/Bluray documentary looks at the first year in the life of RNI (9 months actually) as well as the aborted attempt to create a German offshore station, which led to the creation of Radio Nothsea International.

The DVD costs £26.50 and Bluray £31.50 including postage for those in Europe. For the rest of the world plaese require for postage rates. There's a discount for Offshore Echo's subscribers.

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When I was 15 years old, I watched RNI's programmes feverishly every day (unless the frequency had to be changed again...). What a thriller it was! There were always new excitements, the trip of the Mebo II to the English coast, the English jamming station, the influence of RNI (Caroline) on the British elections, the hijack attempt of Kees Manders and the unexpected, sudden closedown in September. At that time I had hardly any photos, let alone videos of that exciting offshore radio station. In my fantasy I imagined what the Deejays looked like, the ship, the mast. I would never have let myself be fooled into thinking that almost 50 years later I could watch everything I had heard on medium wave in the best quality on a modern television. And that's exactly what this fantastic DVD/Bluray offers: unique, exclusive video material, hundreds of photos, the jingles, countless recordings in FM quality. I am thrilled. An indescribable sensation of goose bumps, as if time was turned back and you experience everything first-hand as a spectator once again. This DVD/Bluray should not be missing in your collection either. It is particularly recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide!

Volume 12 - The Radio Hauraki Story


With radio in New Zealand controlled by the state, David Gapes and a group of like-minded young people decided to follow the example of offshore radio in Europe, to break the state broadcasting monopoly.

With limited finance and a lot of do-it-yourself ethic, they acquired and fitted out a ship, coming on air as Radio Hauraki, the name Hauraki a most appropriate Maori word meaning "sound from the sea".

There were many highs and lows in the story, including the loss of their first ship in a storm, and the sad loss of one of their deejays in the final days.

Radio Hauraki eventually, after just over three years at sea, did achieve their goal to obtain a land-based broadcasting license.

This documentary contains airchecks, interviews, and much rare photo and film material of Radio Hauraki's offshore days. Duration: 86 mins.

DVD version price £26.50 each


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As a teenager I regularly made tape recordings of my beloved offshore radio stations. One highlight was a recording of an NSGDX broadcast by A.J. Beirens about Radio Hauraki. Again and again I listened to the recording where the ship Tiri stranded off the Great Barrier Reef. "We're on the rocks... I love you Mum and Dad." Radio Hauraki at the other end of the world: For me that was David's fight against Goliath, but also part of the youth movement against the establishment. The dramatic "1111 Days At Sea" led to a victory against the authorities, and Radio Hauraki was the first and only offshore station to succeed in obtaining an official license on land while still broadcasting form the high seas. You can now relive the fascinating story of this radio station up close with the new DVD/Bluray from Offshore Echos, and I promise you: You will get goose bumps when watching the Tiri on the rocks. Once again a highly professional oeuvre has been achieved containing amazing video material, hundreds of photos, countless recordings and jingles and above all the music of the years 1968 to 1970. I guarantee you will be thrilled. This DVD/Bluray should not be missing in your collection either. It is particularly recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide!

Volume 11 - The Radio England Story


Swinging Radio England, unlike Radio London, which had tamed US Top 40 radio to a more British style, Radio England went for a full on unadultered US Top 40 sound with "Boss" jocks, much more music jingles and fast paced news and weather reports. It proved to be a bit too much for a more reserved British audience, and within seven months it was replaced by Dutch language Radio Dofijn, and shortly after was renamed as Radio 227. Britain Radio had an easy listening format and lasted a little longer than Radio England, before being renamed as Radio 355 with a similar format. Duration: 114 mins.

DVD version price £26.50 each


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To be honest: When the recent DVD arrived I thought that our friends from OEM wouldn't be able to top their former products. First of all, I was astonished to realise that the duration of this new DVD was 114 minutes as I initially doubted that there was enough material. But believe me, I was definitely disabused. I thankfully watched another offshore radio documentary which was as thrilling as a crime movie. There were hundreds of pictures, several in-depth interviews, countless on-air recordings, tunes and jingles - all of them in superb quality. A lot of material proved totally new both for my eyes and ears. You immediately got the impression that there were experts at work. It never ceases to amaze me how much exclusive video footage has again been collected which is without doubt putting the cherry on the cake. To summarize I take my hat off to Francois Lhote, Chris Edwards and Steve England. This DVD/Bluray is another must for every offshore radio fan, recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide as a five star product!

Volume 10 - Radio 270


Radio in Europe had been state controlled, until 1958, when Radio Mercur based on a ship outside Danish territorial waters broke the monopoly. Suddenly listeners could hear music that they wanted to hear, rather than the often rather dull state offering. Offshore radio soon spread, and at Easter 1964, Radio Caroline started off the English coast. The popularity of the new stations, was helped by the introduction of portable transistor radios, that had come on the market around the same time. Inspired by the success of Caroline and other offshore stations, Scarborough businessman Don Robinson, decided that Yorkshire needed its own radio station. He found a willing partner in Wilf Proudfoot, who wanted to promote his chain of supermarkets. A suitable ship was found, and after a few false starts, Radio 270 made it onto the offshore airwaves in June 1966. This documentary contains much previously unseen rare colour footage of life aboard Radio 270, as well as interview clips, airchecks, and other audio visual material. Duration: 83 mins.

DVD version price £26.50 each


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I had the privilege to be one of the first viewers of this brandnew DVD which in my eyes is a sensational product which is dedicated to the late Leon Tipler. You will find incredible footage of the radio ship Oceaan VII including the aluminium mast, the studio, the transmitter, the galley, the record library, the mess room and the cabins. You'll be astonished to watch unpublished video material mostly in colour. There's the Oceaan VII in severe storms and in the safe harbours of Scarborough and Bridlington plus the often adventurous and sometimes dangerous tender trips. The deejays having fun on the deck, playing practical jokes, catching fish, making a trip in a rubber dinghy, typing the news, making announcements and entering the tender boats. You might get the strong impression that during their 15 exciting months of broadcasting, these watery wireless heroes always had to suffer from rough weather but never gave up until the very end on August 14th. Listen to the reminiscences of Wilf Proudfoot, Don Robinson, Paul Burnett, Roger Gale, Noel Miller, Leon Tipler, Mike Hayes, Guy Hamilton and many others. See hundreds of pictures, stickers, press cuttings and most of all hear the sound of this unique offshore radio station off the Yorkshire coast with its jingles, promos and music. This DVD/Bluray is a must for every offshore radio fan, recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide as a five star product, without doubt another collectors' item!


Volume 9 - Radio Scotland


Tommy Shields dream was to have a radio station solely for the Scottish people. He achieved that when Radio Scotland came on the air on New Years day 1966. The station was a great success, but problems with reception meant the radio ship had to move from one side of Scotland to the other - a journey of around a thousand miles. When Radio Scotland was found to be within UK territorial waters, the ship had to move back again. Tommy Shields dream was achieved, but at great financial and personal cost. When Radio Scotland closed on August 14th 1967, it had suffered heavy losses. With all the problems, Tommy Shields health had suffered, and he passed away just over six months later. Duration: 62 mins.

DVD version price £26.50 each


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A new DVD/Bluray about Radio Scotland? You might of course fear that there's not enough material to fill a whole DVD, as only sparse footage and a negligible number of pictures is commonly known. But despite every objection Francois, Chris and Bill have managed it (again)! Contrary to all possible expectations, this brandnew product includes an exclusive compilation of countless pictures (lots of them in high resolution and never seen before), multiple press clippings, off-air recordings (several in studio quality), promos and tunes. And you will of course be amazed at doubtlessly every video snippet that has ever been recorded. Having watched those fascinating 62 minutes I was most of all impressed to feel the excitement, the love of radio which characterises all dejays, crew members and technicians having worked for this unique offshore radio station. In sum a definite must-have for everyone being interested in offshore radio. Recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide as a five star product, without doubt another collectors' item!


Volume 8 - The Wonderful Radio London Story


Radio London was undoubtably the most successful of the 1960's offshore radio stations. By taking a popular American Top 40 radio format, and adapting it for a UK audience, Big L quickly challenged the other offshore stations, and was soon eating into their audience. The success of Radio London, also encouraged others to jump on the offshore radio bandwagon. Some were not so well organised, and the shooting of one of their operators, led the British government to bring in new laws to close down the offshore stations. Duration: 135 mins.

DVD version price £26.50 each

THE OFFSHORE RADIO YEARS RE-VISITED VOLUME 8 BLURAY EDITION (including BONUS CD Radio London's first 30 minutes, now cleaned and remastered plus Radio London Final hour highlights 45 as published by the station in 1967) Price £31.50

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This brandnew product with fascinating footage includes an exclusive compilation of pictures (lots of them in high resolution and never seen before), off-air recordings (several in studio quality), promos and tunes. But most of all the video footage has to be pointed out. Francois Lhote has once again succeeded in collecting nearly every sequence that has ever been produced on Big L. Have you ever seen footage showing the fitting out of the MV Galaxy being fitted out and its mast being ercted in Miami (Florida)? Here's your chance. This new product is a nostalgic highlight of a breathtaking DVD series that is produced with a definite feeling for every detail worth knowing. You will watch and see every deejay that has ever worked on the ship, hear the sound of the mid sixties, listen to the famous Big L jingles and recognize all those theme tunes. By the way my wife who normally accepts my excitement but isn't too much interested in any watery wireless matters kept on sitting before our TV set just until the end after more than two hours... In sum a definite must-have for everyone being interested in offshore radio (again!). Recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide as a five star product, without doubt another collectors' item!


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The most successful of the fort based stations was Radio 390, from the former army fort at Red Sands. Instead of the pop music format of most of the other stations, Radio 390 went for a more mature audience, playing music from the wartime era and ballad singers from the 50's. On the smaller ex. naval forts, a couple of smaller operations. On Sunk Head fort, Radio Tower, had big plans to launch a TV station. Tower Television never got off the ground, and Radio Tower itself struggled. Radio Essex as it's name implied went after a local audience in the Essex area, and was perhaps the first 24 hour music station. After Roy Bates was forced to close Radio Essex, he moved to Rough's tower, which was well outside British territorial waters. He declared independence, setting up the Principality of Sealand.

DVD version price £26.50 each


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This brandnew product with 105 minutes of fascinating footage includes an exclusive compilation of pictures (lots of them in high resolution and never seen before), off-air recordings (several in studio quality), promos and tunes. But most of all the video footage has to be pointed out. Francois Lhote has once again succeeded in collecting nearly every sequence that has ever been produced on the Red Sands Fort, including original footage. All in all a definite must-have for everyone being interested in offshore radio (again!). When watching the OEM "Revisited" videos I regularly become highly impressed. Recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide as a five star product, without doubt another collectors' item!


Volume 6 - RADIO & TV NOORDZEE from the REM island

Following the successful Scandinavian offshore stations, and of Radio Veronica, a group of Dutch businessmen decided to start, not only a radio station but a TV station as well.An artificial island was constructed, becoming known as the REM island, housing Radio and TV Noordzee. The television station was an almost instant success, but whilst viewers loved it, the Dutch government hated it. A new law was soon passed, the REM island was boarded and the TV and radio station forcibly taken off the air.

DVD version price £25.99 each

THE OFFSHORE RADIO YEARS RE-VISITED VOLUME 6 BLURAY VERSION (including 21-minute bonus film "Building of REM") Price £30.99

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These 80 minutes include an exclusive compilation of pictures (lots of them in high resolution and never seen before), off-air recordings (several in studio quality), promos and tunes. But most of all the video footage has to be pointed out. Francois Lhote has once again succeeded in collecting nearly every sequence that has ever been produced on the REM-eiland, including original footage broadcast by RTV Noordzee. All in all a definite must-have for everyone being interested in offshore radio (again!). When watching this brand new OEM video I soon became highly impressed. Recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide as a five star product, without doubt a collectors' item!



The radio scene in Europe, changed dramatically in 1958, when Radio Mercur, started broadcasting from a ship off the Danish coast. At Easter 1964, Radio Caroline started, off the British coast. But it wasn't all ships that were used for commercial broadcasting. In the Thames estuary, some abandoned wartime forts were soon to find a new role, when pop singer Screaming Lord Sutch, climbed aboard Shivering Sands fort. Radio Sutch was the first of the fort based stations, later becoming Radio City, when Sutch sold out to his manager Reg Calvert. 80 minutes
DVD version Price £25.99  -  BLURAY VERSION (including a bonus) Price £30.99

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When watching this brand new OEM video I soon became emotionally overwhelmed because I have scarcely ever seen such an impressive film relating to offshore radio. These 80 minutes have been packed full of an exclusive compilation of pictures (lots of them coloured and in high resolution), off-air recordings (several in studio quality), countless jingles, promos and tunes. But most of all the video footage has to be pointed out. Francois Lhote has succeeded in collecting nearly every sequence that has ever been produced on Shivering Sands and its stations Radio Sutch and Radio City. You will be surprised to find detailed interviews with Screaming Lord Sutch, Dorothy Calvert and Kitty Black. And you will watch good quality footage of the infamous bording party and the tragedy of Reg Calvert's death. All in all a definite must for everyone being interested in offshore radio. Highly recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide!

Pirate Radio Ships in the 70's
The ultimate collection of high quality Photographs and Insider Stories

400 Photographs of the Radio Ships in the 70’s
With inside stories, audio, video and interactive galleries
Interactive, multi-touch galleries and 2 surprising bonus sections

Created and optimized for iPad and Mac


A new book by Keith Skues

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On August 31th 2014 it was forty years ago that the offshore broadcasting station Radio Northsea International closed down. Now there’s a new book available containing unknown pictures and facts about the interesting and exiting story of RNI. Against all odds and despite of many bizarre situations, for more than four years, RNI managed ‘to survive’ broadcasting from sea. The book is published by former RNI deejay Marc van Amstel, who wanted it to be a tribute to RNI and his first professional radio job and also his Dutch colleagues. It was produced and written by former Radio Mi Amigo and Monique deejay Ferry Eden, who used to be an RNI-listener at the time.

On August 30th 2014 the book was presented to Edwin Bollier and Victor Pelli at MEBO Office in Zurich. It was also presented during the RNI reunion in Hilversum on August 31th 2014 and both former RNI Program Directors Joost den Draaijer (Willem van Kooten) and Tony Berk received the ‘first samples’ of the book there. It is written in Dutch language and called ‘De gouden glans van radio’ (The golden shimmer of radio) after a famous RNI jingle by Hans ten Hooge. It contains 160 pages with 175 pictures and about 75 illustrations. It is for sale on and avaliable for € 24,95 plus € 11 European Postal charges, total costs € 35,95 but within the Netherlands Postal charges are € 3,84, total costs € 28,79. For more information you can contact

Buchrezension "De gouden glans van de radio"

Jan Sundermann - Offshore Radio Engineering

Im Laufe der vergangenen 50 Jahre sind fast 200 Bücher zum Thema 'Seesender' erschienen, die nahezu alle Aspekte dieses spannenden Genres abdecken.
Im Vordergrund stehen in der Regel die aufregenden Geschichten um Mast- und Schiffbrüche, gerissene Ankerketten, betrunkene Besatzungsmitglieder und häufig egomane Diskjockeys, die als 'Piraten' zu Helden ganzer Generationen von Pop- und Rockmusikliebhabern wurden.

Jan Sundermann hat nun ein neues Buch veröffentlicht, das so ganz und gar nicht in dieses Klischee passt. Sein Werk "Offshore Radio Engineering" befasst sich mit zunächst dröge anmutenden Fragestellungen. Es geht nämlich vorrangig um technische Fragen: Welche Sendeschiffe kamen in den 4 Jahrzehnten zum Einsatz, welche Antennenanlagen wurden errichtet und welche Masten benutzt? Die unterschiedlichen Sendeeinrichtungen und auch die (bescheidenen) Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten zwischen Besatzung und Mitarbeitern an Land werden erörtert. Schließlich geht der Autor detailliert auf die verschiedenen Ankersysteme und die Navigationsmöglichkeiten der so unterschiedlich ausgerüsteten Schiffe ein.

Sundermann gelingt es in seinem Übersichtswerk auf hervorragende Weise, eine tatsächlich noch vorhandene Lücke zu schließen und ein eigentlich trockenes Thema mit viel Sachverstand anschaulich und mit zahlreichen, vorher zum Teil völlig unbekannten Details zu beleuchten. Entsprechend ist sein (in englischer Sprache geschriebenes) Buch nicht nur für technisch und historisch interessierte Seesenderfreaks, sondern für jeden Radiofreund eine Kaufempfehlung.

Das reichlich illustrierte, mit vielen Fotos und Schemata versehene Buch ist online bei der Stichting Media Communicatie (SMC) für €15,- inclusive Versandkosten zu beziehen:
(Text der Rezension: Dr. Martin van der Ven)

ING bank Nederland
IBAN: NL85 INGB 0004 0657 00

Book review:
Jan Sundermann - Offshore Radio Engineering

Over the past 50 years, nearly 200 books have been published on the topic of 'offshore radio', which cover almost all aspects of this exciting genre.
In the foreground are usually exciting stories of mast- and shipwrecks, cracked anchor chains, drunken crew members and often egomaniacal disc jockeys who as 'pirates' became heroes to generations of pop and rock music lovers.

Jan Sundermann has now published a new book that doesn't fit at all in this cliché. His work "Offshore Radio Engineering" deals with initially dull-looking topics. The issue is primarily about technical questions: Which kind of radio ships were used during those 4 decades of 'watery wireless'? Which antenna systems were built and which kind of masts? The different transmission devices and the (modest) possibilities of communication between crew and staff on land are discussed. Finally, the author goes into detail on the various anchor systems and navigation options of these different-equipped ships.

Sundermann succeeds in his overview work in an excellent way to close a still existing gap and to shed light on a really dry subject with a lot of expertise including numerous and often previously unknown details. His book (written in English) is a buy recommendation - not only for technically and historically interested offshore radio enthusiasts, but for any radio friend.

This richly illustrated book comes with many photos and diagrams. It can be puchased online at Stichting Media Communicatie (SMC) for € 15, - to including shipping costs:
(review by Dr. Martin van der Ven)

ING bank Nederland
IBAN: NL85 INGB 0004 0657 00


Volume 4 - Radio Caroline - The 60s

With the success of the Scandinavian offshore stations, and Radio Veronica off Holland, entrepreneurs in Britain were soon to follow. Australian music publisher Allan Crawford, wanted Radio Atlanta to promote his cover version records of pop hits, whilst Irishman Ronan O’Rahilly was keen to promote new artists through Radio Caroline. After only a few months on air, both stations merged to create Radio Caroline North and South. Featuring over two and a half hours of audio-visual material, with comments from Allan Crawford, Ronan O’Rahilly, disc jockeys Tom Lodge, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Graham Webb and others.

This is the story of how Radio Caroline changed British broadcasting history and led the pop music revolution of the 1960s. 146 minutes.

Click here for details. Highly recommended by The Offshore Radio Guide!



Seeing the success of the Scandinavian offshore radio stations, a group of Dutch radio set dealers decided that an offshore station of their own would be a good way to boost sales of their radio sets. After several changes within the group, Radio Veronica was born and soon went on to become a great success.

This DVD covers the complete story from the inception, until the closure in 1974, with much new audio visual material over more than 90 minutes..

£25.99 each. Click here for details.

BLURAY VERSION available...


Inspired by the success of Denmarks Radio Mercur, Swedish entrepreneur Jack Kotschack set up Radio Nord – with some help from the USA and radio network owner Gordon McLendon. It was a similar, although smaller scale story in Belgium, when Georges de Caluwe started Radio Uilenspiegel, continuing a radio venture he’d begun some years earlier. With much new additional material this new DVD re-visits the Offshore Radio Years.

Price £25.99 inc postage.

A re-worked Blu-ray version contains extra video material and pictures. Price £31.99 inc postage.

Go to Offshore Echo's website for more information.

I had the privilege to be one of the first viewers of the Blu-ray version and I must tell you that I was speechless having watched that overwhelming collection of videos and pictures accompanied by an amazing collage of jingles and airchecks, most of them in superb quality. It has become a fascinating movie with rare and precious footage from more than 50 years ago (large parts even in colour). Highly recommended! (Martin van der Ven from "The Offshore Radio Guide")

From Offshore Echo's Magazine:


European radio was strictly state controlled until a group of Danish businessmen set up Radio Mercur on a ship in international waters, and outside government control. The station was quickly followed by Radio Syd.
It was the start of a broadcasting revolution that spread through Europe and around the world over the following years.

This DVD is the first in a new series revisiting the Offshore Radio Years, with much additional film and rare material, documenting the history of offshore radio.

Price £25.99 inc postage.



Alle Ferry Maat jingles op dubbel-CD

13 januari 2012 - Het Genootschap radiojingles en - tunes brengt vandaag een bijzondere 2CD uit. ‘Ferry Maat - jinglemaker'. Met daarop alle jingles en tunes van DJ Ferry Maat als jinglecomponist en producent. Het is voor het eerst dat de jingles op CD verschijnen. Nog nooit is zijn werk als jinglemaker zo duidelijk in kaart gebracht. Ferry Maat was veertig jaar lang één van de toonaangevende dj’s op de Nederlandse radio. Dat hij als geschoold musicus (met een conservatoriumdiploma piano) ook een begenadigd maker is van jingles en muziek voor TV-leaders is bij het radiopubliek minder bekend. Hij is de enige dj ter wereld die alle jingles maakte voor een station waarop hij zelf werkte: tussen 1995 en 2001 maakte hij alle jingles voor Radio 2, waar hij ‘Maat in de middag’ presenteerde. Maandag 16 januari wordt hij 65 jaar, het Genootschap radiojingles en –tunes ziet daarin de ideale aanleiding om zijn jinglewerk op CD te laten verschijnen. Het eerste exemplaar van de CD wordt hem op zijn verjaardag overhandigd door Tonny Eyk, de aartsvader van jingles en tunes in Nederland (hij schreef de befaamde tunes voor Studio Sport, AVRO’s Toppop, de Vuist van Willem Duys en tientalen anderen). Dat kan meteen ook worden uitgelegd als grote collegiale waardering voor Ferry Maat, die in 2006 al de Gouden Harp ontving voor zijn invloed in de lichte muziek en een jaar later de Marconi Oeuvre Award.

Het Genootschap radiojingles en –tunes beijvert zich voor het bewaren en promoten van de historische vormgeving voor radio en televisie. Nederland liep niet alleen in de pop jarenlang voorop, maar produceert voor vele landen in de wereld dit soort jingles – en er zijn veel talenten in deze muziektak. “Het werk van Ferry Maat is bijzonder”, zegt Jelle Boonstra, één van de twee leden van het Genootschap. “Jarenlang was hij een éénpitter, die alle muziekpartijen schreef en ze stuk voor stuk op MIDI-apparatuur inspeelde in zijn garagestudio. Hij maakte daarbij een handig gebruik van nieuwe computertechnieken, waardoor mensen thuis een heel orkest konden samenstellen – een nieuw speelveld voor mensen met talent om te componeren en muziek te maken. Hij was daartoe ook wel gedwongen: door een conflict met de TROS had hij als directeur radio het veld moeten ruimen.” De jingles die hij schreef kwamen op tientalle radiozenders in Duitsland en Nederland terecht. Het Genootschap gebruikte voor de Cd alle originele masters uit de archieven van Ferry Maat.

Over de dubbel-CD
Dit is de volledige inhoud van de dubbel-CD `Ferry Maat - jinglemaker':
CD 1: Alle jingles en tunes voor Radio 2.
CD 2: Alle jingles voor: De Nationale Hitparade, Radio 5, Omroep Flevoland, Radio Drenthe, Radio Hollands Glorie, Radio M, Radio Oost, Radio Rijnmond, TV Drenthe, Nederland 1 Kerst, VARA Radio 1 en Veronica Nieuwsradio.
Bonus tracks: TROS TV leader, de Duitse klanten, uitleg Radio 2 uuropener, 192 It's for you, Feijenoord, en het Wilhelmus!

Over Ferry Maat
Ferry Maat (65) studeert af aan het conservatorium als pianist en speelt in enkele bands. Hij werkt achtereenvolgens bij Radio Noordzee (De Super Top 50, Herrie met Ferry, Soulshow), De TROS (Top 40, TROS Top 50, Europarade, Nationale Hitparade, Gouden Uren, Ferry's Gouwe ouwe Club, Soulshow), Radio 10, RTL Radio, Hitradio, Radio 538, NCRV-Radio 2 (Maat in de Middag), Radio 192, Radio Veronica en Arrow Jazz FM.
In 1992 richt hij het bedrijf Ferry Maat Produkties op, dat zich specialiseert in custommade jingles en tunes voor radio en TV. De eerste jaren werkt hij vooral voor de Duitse markt, later ook in Nederland. Voor zijn grootste klant, Radio 2, maakt hij jingles van 1994 tot 2001.

Over het Genootschap
Het Genootschap radiojingles en -tunes is een niet-commerciële organisatie, opgezet door twee journalisten met een warm radiohart: Jelle Boonstra uit Zwolle en Benno Roozen uit Breda. Zij beheren een Nationaal Archief met radiojingles en radiotunes zoals die vanaf 1945 tot nu op de radio zijn (geweest). Het Genootschap omvat een archief van 3000 uur aan jingles, tunes en radiovormgeving. In eigen beheer geven zij 10 CD's uit met jingles en tunes. Ook maken zij `Het Tunesboek' (2007), boek/CD ‘Dik Voormekaar - het eerste jaar' (2009) en ‘Groot in jingles' over jinglebedrijf Top Format (2000).

De dubbel-CD ‘Ferry Maat - jinglemaker' ligt niet in de winkel, maar is uitsluitend te koop via het Genootschap. Meer informatie en bestellen op

Zie foto's van maandag 16 januari

Berichtgeving in de Telegraaf van 13.01.2012

Ferry Maat (65) in thuisstudio


The story of the Dutch stations operating from the Ross Revenge. The popular Radio Monique, Radio 819 and Radio 558. Their popularity wasn’t shared by the Dutch authorities, who were soon planning to get them off the air, culminating in a raid in August 1989.

Hans Knot commenting in his International Report: "Recently I got the chance to have a preview on the new DVD released by Offshore Echos. It’s their 19th DVD in the series of looking back at offshore radios. DVD 19 tells the story of Radio Monique, Radio 558 and Radio 819, which were all sister stations of Radio Caroline, way back in the eighties of last century. Housed on board the MV Ross Revenge those three stations' owners paid for fuel, water, provision and more to keep Radio Caroline running properly. A very interesting DVD with lots of unique video footage shot by official television stations as well as private material. The Ross Revenge in better days as well being on drift and as loosing anchor and the highest mast ever built on a radio ship."

Click here to order a copy.

"Way Back Home, The Graham Gill Story"

In 2010, the book ‘Way back home’ by Graham Gill about his rich radio career was published. Now after more than 7 years there is a reprint in larger format including colour photos available from the American Book Center.

ISBN: 978-94-92563-25-5
Publisher The American Book Center - AnyBook Press
Publication date 12/2017
European Edition
Binding paperback
160 pages
Cover: Holtermann, Ingrid E.
Author Graeme George Gilsenan
Subject Biography and Autobiography
Price € 17.50

‘Way Back Home, The Graham Gill Story’.
Graeme Gilsenan, born April 15th 1936 in Williamstown Australia, found his career within the radio industry. First in Australia and from the mid sixties of last century in Europe. Stations like Radio London, Swinging Radio England, Britain Radio, Radio 390, Radio Caroline, RNI and Radio Netherlands were glad to have him in their presentation team. (by: ABC)

Graham Gill has certainly been an offshore radio icon for several decades, and every visitor of the annual Radio Days in Amsterdam is looking forward to hear him singing his evergreen "Way Back Home". Being a bit too young I unfortunately missed his programmes on Radio London, Swinging Radio England, Britain Radio and Radio 390 off the British coast during the 1960s. But as a 17-year-old teenager I first heard Graham on RNI on his regular late night programmes and his Sunday evening's RNI Request Show during the early summer of 1973. His distinctive voice fascinated and meant a sort of RNI landmark to me. I was a bit astonished when he left RNI in June 1974 to rejoin Radio Caroline which played quite different, more adult orientated rock music. But Graham certainly didn't disappoint his listeners as he had no problems to adept with the hippy culture onboard the MV Mi Amigo which he left only 11 weeks later, when the Dutch marine offences bill came into force.

It took me another 22 years to get to know Graham personally. I first met him during the 1996 Radio Day in Haarlem. But in 2002, I came to know him even better. We met in Harlingen at the opening of Sietse Brouwer's Dutch Radio Caroline and we jointly attended the fabulous offshore radio reunion in London in August of the same year. Some weeks later, I was entitled to have an interview with Graham at the German Radio Day in Erkrath where he described his fascinating radio career in great detail. In the meantime, we had become friends and built confidence. In the years to come, Graham took an active part in the Erkrath Radio Day on a regular basis and he didn't miss an Amsterdam Radio Day anymore.

So what can I say about his long awaited book? You might think of me as a bit prejudiced. Nevertheless let me suggest that you will be pleasantly surprised when reading Graham's memoirs. It's the story of his life with most of all his intriguing radio career which began in his native country Australia where he received an full-scale training as a radio broadcaster. Graham had been lucky to gain important experience during his 14 years in Australian radio when he came to the UK in 1966. You may look forward to take part in many details of these years which formed the character of the young Australian who later had no problems to become acquainted with all these strange new radio stations broadcasting from ships and military forts in the North Sea. Graham particularises many interesting anecdotes concerning countless personalities he dealt with during all those years in on- and offshore radio. At first appearance, it might be a bit unexpected that he paints a rosy picture of the conditions on Red Sands Fort (home of Radio 390). But this very happy period of his life had to do with the strong feeling of a happy family that the great team of announcers were producing. 7 years later, history repeated itself under totally different conditions on the MV Mi Amigo where the "Caroline family" received him with open arms. On every occasion you share Graham's desire for gaining new experiences and getting to know interesting and warm-hearted people. And he did succeed ever so often! I am sure you will be excellently entertained by this capturing biography.

Dr. Martin van der Ven


Stick iväg, Jack! Historien om Radio Nord
by Jan Kotschack

During 16 months, between 1961-62, Jack S. Kotschack's offshore station Radio Nord
 shook the Swedish establishement by broadcasting from international waters in the Baltic Sea. The station used the radio ship "Bon Jour" which later became the famous MV Mi Amigo, home of Radio Caroline South and many more radio stations. Radio Nord played modern pop music, news - and advertising, loved by the Swedish listeners.

The book is richly illustrated in color with countless pictures, many of them previously unpublished! Despite the fact that it's written in the Swedish language, the book is definitely a must for all offshore radio enthusiasts.

The book's first edition comes with an unique DVD including a documentary film about Radio Nord, entitled "Låten från Båten" (Song from the Boat) - a fantastic time document of 8 minutes play time, which was shown as an opening film at the Swedish cinemas in autumn 1961.

# In Swedish
# Hardcover with dust jacket
# Richly illustrated in color
# Format 169x239
# 424 pages
# Incl. Bonus DVD
# ISBN 978-91-89136-51-9

€ 37.00

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Radio Nord & Radio Syd - Topplåtarna från 1961-1962
The best of the Swedish offshore radio stations has now been sanmpled on this double CD. Listen to 44 songs, jingles and some classic radio commercials. The double CD contains songs by Lill-Babs, Little Gerhard, Jay Epae, Fats Domino, Ray Adams, Elvis Presley, Siw Malmkvist, Linda Scott, and many more.

in Swedish
Richly illustrated booklet

€ 16.00

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In 2009, several books about "offshore radio" have been published, but Nigel Harris's is definetely the most personal one of them all. It covers many radio stations and broadcasting vessels but some school stories, too. "Boarding school was harsh, but the North Sea was worse" says Nigel, who began his career as Stuart Russel on Radio Caroline's MV Mi Amigo in the mid seventies.

The comprehensive book (which includes several pictures from Nigel's childhood up to the period on the Peace ship) is on the time before and during his offshore days, not just Radio Caroline. However, it dwells on the Mi Amigo days a bit longer than the other ships. Featured are the Mi Amigo, the Cedarlea project in Scotland, Radio Paradise, the Ross Revenge and the Voice of Peace; there is plenty of pirate radio including countless in-depth stories on life on board the radio ships.

We learn about different characters like Tony Allan, Peter Chicago, Samantha Dubois, Marc Jacobs, Herman de Graaff , Roger Mathews, Peter Philips, Captain Ernie Stevensen and last but not least Ronan O'Rahilly. And we get to know how difficult and complicated the entire Caroline family sometimes could be...

In summary, I can only recommend Nigel's book. It is definitely a must for every offshore radio enthusiast. [Dr. Martin van der Ven]

"Ships in troubled waters" can be ordered at the Radio Caroline webshop.

DVD released Monday 5 October 2009.

Title: 'THE BOAT THAT DOCKED'. Subtitled: 'Pirates Ahoy' - Pirate BBC Essex Easter 2009.

Running time 106 mins

Format: DVD

Available by post only from:


PRICE: £15.00 incl. P+P


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Buchrezension: „Shiprocked“ von Steve Conway

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