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US Coast Guard Cutter Courier

Serge Haderman's zeezender foto's

Veronica schip

Ship Broadcaster MS Kanimbla in 1936

Eylard Harmsen: Ross Revenge and Communicator pictures

The other S.S. Rex - a gambling (radio) ship off Santa Monica

Ray Clark

Red Sands pictures

Radio Free America from the Columbus


The Offshore Radio Links Top 60

Jonathan Myer's Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame

Mary and Chris Payne remembering Radio London

Wim van de Water's "Media Pages"

Forum "Radiocaf�"

Stichting Norderney

Offshore Echo's Magazine

"" with countless downloads

Hans Knot's features in "Soundscapes"

Vincent Schriel's Radioverzamelplaats

Alex v/d Hoek's "Zeezenders - Pirate Radio"

De zeezender nieuwsgroep

Het Offshore Radio Forum

Ad Roberts

Andy Archer's diary of 1974

Project Redsand

Colin Lamb's RNI pages

Radio Caroline today

The 5 of the "Olga Patricia"

RadioVisie presenting the "Zeezender Encyclopedie"

Jolly Rogers' Radio Waves

Dick Verheul's Radio Mi Amigo website

The Garry Stevens Pirate Radio Board

Lion Keezer's Offshore Radio Pictures

Ben Toney: The Amazing Radio London Adventure

Radio Hauraki - The Pirate Years

Jelle Boonstra's Offshore Radio Corner

Hans Becker's Radio Veronica expositie


Brian Anderson's offshore radio pictures

De kombuispraat: "Zendschepen"

Paul de Haan's Marine Broadcasters

Norman Barrington

The Radio Delmare website

Dave Kindred's pictures

Frans Elbertsen's Charts Page

Peter Messingfeld's Travelseries

Dick Offringa

Bert Alting's Frans Nienhuys pagina

The Radio Mercur site

G�rans radio nostalgi sida

Per Alarud on Radio Syd and Radio Mercur

Per Alarud on Radio Nord

Radiohistoriska arkivet

Wim van Egmond

Bob Le-Roi

Johnny Lewis

The "Offshore Pirates" downloads

Ben Meijering's Gallery

The Ross Revenge website

Monitor Magazine

John's Offshore Radio Pages

Hans Knot: Die Voice of Peace

Hans Knot: Radio Nordsee Erinnerungen

Ken Baird's offshore radio archive

Steven Pragnell: Radio Caroline from 1976 to 1980

The BBC on Oliver Smedley

Actie Magda Maria - Radio Paradijs

A tribute to offshore radio

�So lange wie das Schiff weiter fahren kann...� - Radio Syd

Die Seesender in Westeuropa


Smashplays (non-competetive)

The Offshore Radio Guide





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